Forensic Files – Season 10, Ep 13: Crash Course

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A highway patrolman was dispatched to what he thought would be a routine traffic accident. While he had no formal training in forensic science, he had seen hundreds of accidents, but none had had as much blood as this. He was shocked by the coroner’s ruling of accidental death. Then, an anonymous phone call breathed new life into his investigation. Originally aired as Season 10, Episode 13.


  1. 2 and a half minutes in…calling it now. The husband killed his wife purposely, but not the way it was stated! The wife didn't die when the husband hit the car. Why? She was already dead BEFORE he hit the car. He brutally killed her most likely for life insurance money!

  2. Big tough guy, can murder his wife but can't kick out a window.
    Oh wait! I DID hit her….I forget to mention it earlier. I was taking her to a hospital… YAH! That's what I was doing. I was going to get her help! ~but I decided to murder her and 'sissy' wreck instead.

  3. How does a fabric pattern prove that she was bleeding before impact? She could have easily had her arm busted up by the crash and the blood seeped through her clothing. Accidents are notoriously fickle when it comes to how damaged the vehicle is, too. I wouldn't convict him if I was on the jury.

  4. Trooper Snyder's suspicion was what made possible Deborah's husband was punished. Good for him

  5. ya see, that's why I love watching these forensic videos because they are so educational, they give me soo much knowledge that I wouldn't have been able to figure out at all without them. I'm so glad we have the option of learning and being educated on videos alone. Much cheaper then going to school for it 🙂 Thank you FilmRise, I greatly appreciate it. By the way, Bravo to the state trooper for not giving up and not letting it being ruled as an accident, if not for him the truth would have never been able to come out and a killer would have still been on the lose. He deserves an huuge pay increase for his suspects in the case. Bravo…

  6. Any amateur (including myself, haha) can easily see that the amount of blood in the vehicle is not consistent with the crash. Thank goodness for the persistence of Tony Snyder.

  7. Officer Snyder needs to be promoted. He's got great intuition and a Detective's heart. Well done. Thank you.

  8. Hero cop ! BTW is this boy , labeled Debrah's son, also the murdereres son ? He looks like him. Probanly jhst dosn't want to called the man's son.

  9. Do these cheating bastards ever think of just getting a divorce or is murder the best option? What a sick pile of crap.

  10. Great highway patrolman ! Tony Snyder should have received a medal (if he hadn't already). Great forensics by Janis Amatuzio. May Steve rot in prison, unfaithful, murderous swine.
    After Googleing , I discovered that his sentence was actually 17 and a half years !!

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