Forensic Files – Season 11, Ep 24: Water Hazard

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The victim had ingested a massive amount of cyanide. An unlikely clue -– a flaw on a mailing envelope –- exposed a murderer who was willing to kill the innocent. Originally aired as Season 11, Episode 24.


  1. He should've been charged with the attempted murder of 150 people. He put enough cyanide in the office to kill far more than that many people, so I'm being restrained. He should never get out. He was happy to kill the whole office. He deserves a 10,000 year sentence. That man has absolutely no care who, or how many people he kills.

  2. How gutless can u b! Just divorce the woman. Not enough tht u cheating on her u gotta get insurance money too. How silly can a woman b. This man got cyanide illegally and used ur ID to got to ur job and u still don't believe. Nuts.

  3. Absolutely unbelievable : for the sake of another woman he did all that ??? He deserved the DP for sure. Now he is being fed, clothed, provided with amenities, education etc. Outrageous. [Oh I forgot, he also wanted the insurance money]

  4. How can cyanide be publicly available for purchase?! You would think it should be more restricted than prescription drugs.

  5. Even after seeing all the human depravity on various crime show episodes, I still can't wrap my head around what this this evil EVIL MF did… guys like this are sub-human at best

  6. His wife and girlfriend sit together and are upset at the prosecutor because they both think he's innocent. It's safe to say he picked the dumb ones when looking for a mate.

  7. By the time I followed this entire story I’d forgotten all about the lady that lost her life over this. Rest In Peace Ms. Williams!

  8. How am i still finding new episodes of this show???
    Ive been binge wathing them here on YT for over a month now…..

  9. I just watched another episode of this show where they said cyanide was odorless and tasteless. Now it's odorless and tasteless to 40% of the population. WTF? Get it straight people.

  10. Everyone in prison is innocent. We should know this. Not a one did anything wrong. Psycho's, they need to start putting more to death with the needle and maybe someone will think before they hurt anyone. Then they wouldn't be in a cell fighting off Bubba and keep from being his love bitch tonight.

  11. I'm not racist and I'm not being a troll…but does anyone else have experience with sociopathic black men? Like this chick had a stalker and then a murderer after her in succession. My ex is right up there with these guys. Nature vs. Nurture? People are nuts.

  12. I'm not sure of he's aware of this, but there's a thing called a "divorce" that you can do if you no longer want to be married to someone. I hear people do it all the time. It might be a little less messy than an actual murder.

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