Forensic Files – Season 11, Ep 36: Ticker Tape

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A lifelong resident of the tiny town of Lefroy, Tasmania was murdered outside his own home. Robbery appeared to be the motive, but with no suspects, the investigation came to a halt. Then the victim’s autopsy turned the investigation into a landmark forensics case: The device intended to save his life proved to be the only witness to his death. Originally aired as Season 11, Episode 36.


  1. I mean.. a good defense attorney could've beat this case. they really only had the ticker tape and alibi evidence on him. No physical evidence.

  2. Tasmania may not experience a lot of crime but it was the location for a mass shooting in 1996. Guns were banned after that and Australia hasn't had another mass shooting since. Honestly, it's strange for the average person to see a gun here.

  3. Kangaroo's are kept as pets in Australia? I never knew that. For some reason that surprises me. What does a Kangaroo offer? Are Kangaroos used as a food source?

  4. Tasmania looks like puerto rico in many ways….
    and i dont think there was enough evidence to lock him up, maybe that's. why they only gave him 20 years. …

  5. Nice neighborhood…. good lord its ugly. Everything is. Houses… people… Looks like shit. Everything in the US out in the boonies looks way nicer than this shit. This looks like a shantytown in India… amazing for being such a wealthy first world nation.

  6. And fuck 20 years…. axe this jackass up piece by piece until he's dead…starting with the smallest limbs like fingers and toes and progressing until he dies miserably. In the US he would have got a life sentence or even death in some states.

  7. Random kangaroo in the last 5 minutes! I LIKE it! And I DO like that the the crimes aren't always in the US but keep on coming with the awesome videos FilmRise!

  8. So this guy got convicted because he had no alibi and a flashlight with the victims DNA was found in a hole in the foundation of his house. Anybody could have put it there. How the fuck did he get convicted? What am I missing?

  9. I find it interesting that they did a forensic files episode out of the US cuz they never did that before

  10. in many cases they get the right person.but i see the way they work,the way they put things together they can put evryone behind bars.

  11. FF always use puns in their titles. This one is particularly good. "Ticker" is slang for the heart in the UK and Australia, hence "ticker tape". Does it mean the same in the US?

  12. The story contradicts itself about the pace maker time, saying that if he left it a couple of hours longer before he rang the police it would have erased itself,they didn't do the autopsy until the next day…

  13. Is it me or is anyone else having a problem hearing this? Those with an accent are really hard to understand. 20 years? That's all this fellows life was worth?

  14. Another dumb ass killer,leaves the murder weapon on his own property.Ive yet to see a smart guy in this series,all morons

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