Forensic Files – Season 12, Ep 6: Transaction Failed

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When a dedicated, well-respected teacher disappeared, police had to determine if she’d gone on vacation without telling anyone, or if she was the victim of foul play. Investigators turned to forensic science, hoping to find the answers they needed. Originally aired as Season 12, Episode 6.


  1. The lowest of the low! That poor lady never stood a chance! Hell, the daughter never stood a chance with an evil, pos "father" like that. Fuck both of them! Diane seemed like a VERY nice woman. May she rest peacefully.

  2. A truly wonderful woman brutalised and murdered. I'm delighted that that POS killed himself in jail and saved the state a lot of money. As for Pearl (what an absurd name for such an ugly little bitch), She should have been kept in jail. Who knows what she'll do on the outside ?

  3. 15 years old?? IDGAF if she was 12 u do the fucking crime u do the fucking time… her little ass should have gotten life without parole and her ugly ass daddy needed that lethal injection… his sorry ass

  4. This is so sad. I watch a ton of these and I don’t know why I find this one so troubling like… it was just so sad..

  5. Both of these individuals are the bottom of the barrel disgusting.

    What kind of dad leads his 15y into a murder…what kind of 15y goes along with this madness…

    She didn't have to die, she was doing you a favor to landscape her property you stupid jail bird.

    I am so angry

    Sorry for the family's lost and her student's that loved her.

  6. The race thing doesn’t matter really. But this teacher seems to be a very naive person hiring someone she didn’t have a reference for….many of these Good Samaritan people are quite naive.

  7. I don’t find it ‘disturbing’ as the woman says in 16:20. If you’re that naive as so imagine that anyone you meet is a candidate for your student rehab project….then you have it coming!! When you don’t KNOW don’t VENTURE, it’s that simple.

  8. I feel sorry for the kind teacher, Dianne. 🙁 That sick pervert loser murderer and his devil spawn child need to be guillotined!

  9. If it is as what was reported that Ronny Neal would have been convicted with just the scientific evidence, why didn't they go after his daughter so that at least she'd be put away for life? She was sentenced to 30 years. With good behavior, what is the most that she will do? 16 years? She is still a public risk. She is the type of girl that will be working the street corners pulling tricks for a living.

  10. As far as the racial element to this story and stories like it, when blacks (and other non-whites) are the perpetrators, and whites are the victims, whites can almost always count on justice to lean their way. NOT NECESSARILY SO WHEN IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND. THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS EAGER TO GIVE WHITE CRIMINALS A BREAK, ESPECIALLY IF THEY CLAIM SELF DEFENSE.

  11. So very sad. Diane I'm sure realized the daughter was abused. The son Pearl had indeed was her father's son. Pearl served 3 years and he committed suicide. She endured a demented life.

  12. This nasty creature was convicted of capital murder, sentenced to death in 2004. In 2010 he was found dead in his death row cell, having hoarded his medication and overdosed on it it. Thank goodness the US taxpayer won't have to foot the bill of one appeal after the next whilst keeping him housed and fed. As for Pearl, I hope she goes the same way; what a vile POS.

  13. Diane's killer was sentenced to death by injection (Texas!) but hoarded antidepressants in his cell and committed suicide 7 yrs after going to jail.

  14. That little skank should've been locked up for life! I don't give a fuck how old he was, she's not guna change! Evil little bitch!!!!

  15. this is another case of parole board failing. There is no correction inside, behaviour is behaviour so whatever the cost inmates should be kept inside whatever conditions they whinge about living in. Innocent and good citizens shouldn't ever have to live in fear or be wary of people on the street. She innocently used his services and he abused that connection. Sickening.

  16. Over $400 ??? The Dad called his wife saying he “came up on some cash”? How sad this woman was killed over NOTHING. I feel bad for the girl that she got such horrible parents and was led down this path. So sad.

  17. Wow…..his daughter was released after only doing 6 years. Her ghetto mother knew damn well what was going on. They should have got her ass too plus the psychopath she reproduced with was HIV positive before committing suicide in prison.

  18. There's no such thing as an "ATM machine" or a "PIN number". How many editors did this script pass by, and not one of them educated enough to know that?

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