Forensic Files – Season 13, Ep 14: Calculated Coincidence

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A North Carolina woman is raped and strangled in her apartment. Authorities are unable to link the prime suspect to the homicide, until they discover a connection to an unsolved Michigan murder that was committed a few years earlier. Originally aired as Season 13, Episode 14.


  1. At least he will never hurt another young girl. I guess he couldn't take the idea of being held accountable and being publicly shamed like he deserved.

  2. I think any crimes that have to do with kids and home invasions are the absolute worst of the worst.. children are innocent and your home is your sanctuary.. I know there is so horrific killings outside of homes but it's just so aggravating and disgusting that somebody would invade someone where your suppose to feel the safest… because sometimes I have a lot of people at my house & sometimes nobody I protect myself & home several different ways – between alarm system, motion lights, several really good cameras, 2 guard dogs, 8ft privacy fences, and home protection- because the world is a scary place & if I can prevent I will..

  3. Good riddance scumbag weirdo coward. You made your mama, papa and the rest of your extended family proud of you. I hope someone inscribed on your headstone: Here lies Drew Planten and I am a weird sexual predator who killed two young women.

  4. Among the creepiest of Forensic Files. He was just relaxing in her closet, waiting for the moment when she would be completely defenseless. Then the way he used the wet noodle technique to resist going to court and the refusing to open his eyes…Creepy to a factor of 10!

  5. What I don't get is why they say that suspect bore no resemblance to the composite… ?? To me, they look totally alike except for the glasses.. the face shape, symmetry, everything. I think it looked very accurate… (Coincidentally maybe, the composite even has the asymmetry of his lips and jawline accurately..) Strange..

  6. Could anyone explain the fork thing to me. Why did the fork from the restaurant have the girl's DNA on it and what did they mean by the restaurant not cleaning it properly?

  7. What a piece of shit screw ball. Too bad his parents couldn't teach him how to be a man and a productive member of society.

  8. He was a coward after all. Criminals like him should immitate what he had done to lessen those who are being fed in prison.

  9. Attorney was "disappointed" that the monster didn't go to trial (he killed himself). Well, look at the good side of it. He will not get paroled in 10 years and will never hurt another human being again. Good riddance.

  10. To all the people making fun of the 911 dispatcher… good. She deserves it.

    In all seriousness, may Stephanie and Rebecca rest in peace. Drew can burn in hell.

  11. You wonder how much on the job experience the 911 dispatchers have ? Lol
    Wonder how many others this pos harmed he didn't get to tell his story
    Like dad says – why? Rebecca

  12. If anyone is really interested in stopping such evil wrongdoings – there is one path that MUST be investigated THOROUGHLY – and that is the basic 'teaching' such murderers are introduced into from birth. The next point is to take into consideration that virtually every serial killer was 'taught' by their 'muthuh' alone – no father. So with this reclusive killer – why is no-one interested in his 'muthuh'..? She must have had something to do with his 'motivations' in life – and as they only discovered 2 murders – he may well have been a serial killer who had a far larger number of victims – but – due to the path in his 'way of life' he followed – that can't have had nothing to do with his 'teaching' by parents or parent… Forensic investigators are psychiatrists and hypnotists and highly accurate polygraph machines – besides straight-forward detectives – so if one of each (at least) found the 'muthuh' of this hard-to-suss killer and closely examined the 'mental outlook' on life she 'taught' her 'son' via…it's quite probable – not possible – that traits common in her and all the other 'single parents' of other serial killers would be, at long last, spotted and dealt with in as many other 'muthuhs' as necessary BEFORE their young (ego-exension) offspring can 'develop' into 'hard to find' vile serial killers. Any REAL, good mother wouldn't mind ANY amount of questioning – IF SHE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE – it's all those other 'muthuhs' who'd do anything to 'prevent' such exposure of their 'control' of minds' from ever being even thought of in the first place…and that's what you're most probably (until totally disproved) 'up against' in this world, fans. Start with your own – er – 'mother'…

  13. What a dumb and stupid operator… Ask if a dead person is conscious? I didn,t know dead people can be conscious and breathing……

  14. I disagree, with pretty girls are more in danger, than the ugly ones, for a criminal and sicko killer mind, looks doesn,t have any thing to do… They kill anything that have two legs and two arms…, killers are not racist or discriminated who they supposed to kill!

  15. He did well when he suffocated himself . He judged himself better than any judge who at a maximum verdict will pronounce him with life in prison .

  16. Why is it impossible to get rid from the moron music in the background. 209000 times somebody listened at this noise and nobody complained.

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