Forensic Files – Season 7, Ep 18: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

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The story of firefighter Michelle Baker is related. After meeting Dr. Maynard Muntzing, she became pregnant by him. After this news, she was ill whenever they were together. The coincidences led her to suspect that he was doing her harm, so she set out to prove it. Originally aired as Season 7, Episode 18.


  1. he was trying to do her a favor by aborting the child, since she was more interested in trapping him by her pregnancy. they both deserve each other. they should self-abort themselves.

  2. Michelle

    Nobody will ever be able to answer those questions you have. Maybe you can take solace (like I have) with the knowledge that you can never rationalize irrationality. When it is a battle between sane and insane, there is no common ground. There is no resolution except accepting that rationalizing irrationality is impossible.

  3. What a dumbfuck and coward This guy was a Dr who obviously didn’t have the balls to take care of a child with our without being in a relationship with her. People don’t understand you can’t get away with nothing these days lol

  4. Those two absolutely deserve each other. They'll destroy each other. Bless Michelle. I hope her life has been a series of wonderful experiences since.

  5. Wifey was in on it but only received probation?
    And he only received five years?
    Clearly our justice system is a joke.

  6. I'm sorry that she did not insist on this case going to full trial so he would get the punshment he deserved. I hope his wife is happy wth a man who cannot now earn a decent living!

  7. This guy destroyed her soul. You can see she is talking as if lifeless. Her eyes are dead. He killed them both…

  8. My heart dropped for Michelle..
    I could feel the heartache n pain.
    5 yrs isn't good enough..
    N his wife looks like a junky who jus came out of rehab..
    Y would u get rid of another life jus go kill ur self…!!!coward bloody act that wat it is.

  9. First picture of this guy that I saw, I could see that he was a creep. It's right there in his nasty face.
    Only a monster could poison someone who cares about them. All you who disagree with the death penalty, you're right; this guy should die very slowly.

  10. tipical arrogant narcissist socialpath, I know accidents happen but she should have protected herslf from pregnancy until at least a year into knowing what he was about, it takes at lest 6 months to know a person once you move in with them. the selfish bastard could have at least used a condom while he was flip flopping around, he obviously had the attention span of a nat thinking he was entitled to do what he wanted. socialpaths r very charming until they lure u in. they r wolves in sheeps clothing, so ladies and gentlemen be aware of a new person entering your life, try not to give your total self to this person until u have done some investigating u know google there name a background check may cost money but its quite worth it to perhaps protect u from a phycopath.

  11. Michelle should gives advice to her twin sister cuz whatever she's doing to herself got it goin on and she's a firefighter

  12. ENT Doctor, Maynard Muntzing was sentenced to five years after a plea deal for 'felonious assault and contaminating a substance for human consumption' instead of attempted murder which he was originally charged with. He was struck off. His wife, a nurse and a mother, was also struck off and after pleading guilty was sentenced to five years probation for 'illegally possessing a drug document and deception to obtain a dangerous drug.' Judge Barbara Gorman sentencing her stated, 'there is no proof on record that you instigated or planned this, otherwise you would be going to prison.' 'He apparently did blame it on you saying you came up with the scheme, however, I also believe Mr Muntzing is a liar, a cheat and a manipulator, so I'm certainly not going to put a whole lot of stock in what he said.'
    At his sentencing, Maynard said on the loss of the baby, 'It was God's will' and failed to apologise to Michelle Baker. He also stated, 'I will wipe dust from my sandles because life will go on, for whatever reason, good will come of this and we [my family and I] will persevere.' Judge Gorman retorted, 'That is one of the most bizarre statements I have ever heard' and called him 'a disgrace to his profession.'
    Michelle Baker launched a 3.5million lawsuit against the Muntzings. In 2006 the Muntzings filed bankruptcy.

  13. Michelle!, please put a BOOMBOX in your voice, at my age now, I'm a little hard in the hearing department. you done well, like a Tasmanian Devil, they sniff out and investigate averything. they're cunning Devils.

  14. She is a fool for sleeping around without being married.  You do not produce children without a husband you foolish woman.  People want to know why these children out of wedlock are so damaged.

  15. Too much victim blaming and pro-choice/ pro-life debates in these comments. Calling her a gold digger says more about your judgement and character than about her. You don't know her. Calling her stupid for not letting go or going back to him also shows ignorance. Please, I am sure you or someone you know has been part of a toxic relationship. Also, she did throw him out but he was the one who approached her and asked her to take him back. I have seen numerous couples break-up and get back together. It doesn't make her weak or stupid, it makes her human. She also didn't think about the coincidences because she loved him, and wouldn't have suspected he would hurt her. You can sense the heartbreak in her voice and mannerisms. Let's not blame her and waste time bashing those in favor of abortions. Let's be kind and understand we all make mistakes.

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