Full Director’s Roundtable: Angelina Jolie, Guillermo del Toro, Greta Gerwig | Close Up With THR

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Guillermo del Toro (‘The Shape of Water’), Angelina Jolie (‘First They Killed My Father’), Patty Jenkins (‘Wonder Woman’), Greta Gerwig (‘Lady Bird’), Denis Villeneuve (‘Blade Runner 2049’), and Joe Wright (‘Darkest Hour’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s FULL Directors Roundtable.

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  1. Patty Jenkins's answer of love in film reminded me so much of Luca Guadagnino and Call me by your Name: desire and fear go hand-to-hand in that film! I wish he had been invited to the roundtable, they would have made such a great conversation

  2. These comment sections are filled with ignorant morons complaining about the moderator. Tell me, have you heard any guest complaining about him? No? You know why? Because they know that he job of a moderator is to keep the conversation going.

  3. I don't know if it's because of the edit but Stephen Galloway was much better here in letting people's answers play out longer. (It's important to give folk credit with change and not just keep trashing them, don't you think?)

  4. it's so refreshing to see a round table with 3 women, and 3 men who didn't grow up in america! Love it!

  5. >Patty brings up studio disagreement
    >Guillermo gets flashbacks to The Hobbit, Pacific Rim 2, Hellboy 3, Silent Hill, At the Mountains of Madness, and Pinocchio

  6. Stop ragging on Stephen, do you know he has to give every ego camera time. I personally was wondering how he would accomplish this many big personalities and satisfy the audience. He's doing fine, he has to shut them down, they're creative people, I think his technique is brilliant. He's so unassuming that they don't even realize they're not the only star in the room. I've enjoyed all but the ones where people rambled, everyone us trying not to be that person.

  7. Patty Jenkins saying you have to be on the same hymn sheet with other artists very early on in the process is essential. You really have to be clear about what you want as an artist or else you end up fighting for your film against the people who are supposed to be helping you create it.

  8. Jesus that Greta is beautiful. But also wicked annoying. I guess that's why god made duct tape, right.

  9. If people research flat earth they will feel a sense of enlightening nothing will bother them any more. For they will have power over the government and there will a whole lot changes for the good.

  10. Stephen Galloway needs to go away from moderating these panels and let the other guy do it. He's much better.

  11. 13:0816:08 it was SO rude that Angelina finished telling the hell of an emotional story, the director from Montreal (don't remember his name) asked her a question about it because he had an experience himself on the subject but the interviewer cut the communication to ask HIM to tell his story first and never let it come back to Angelina. Is that desperation to participate and lead the table all the time to the point you cut two directors interacting on a beautiful emotional common ground? I'm so pissed off

  12. I have watched a lot of these and i really enjoy them, but I have to say that the moderator is the worst part of each one. I understand that he is trying to direct the conversation and get things going, but after a certain point it is so infuriating! I don't want to listen to him speak! I would much prefer letting the directors speak. He interrupts and ignores the organic flow of the conversation that the directors are trying to establish. For example when Villeneuve was genuinely interested in what Angelina Jolie had to say about the locals in Cambodia and how they felt about her filming there. I wanted to hear that too!

  13. I think they should put a revered fellow director or actor or whatever, as a moderator in all of these round table conversations.

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