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  1. It weird because in 5 grade mybteacher went to get a book but i was laying down on her beanbag because i was done with my work way early and she came on top of me and she was wearing a dress so i saw things i shouldn't have seen

  2. My senior Yearbook Quot Is gonna be "Scratch And Sniff Stickers is better Then Original Stickers :3 :> ~Me"

  3. Don’t click read more


    I told you not to

    Regretting your decisions huh?

    Why do you did this to yourself

    He heh heh

    Okay I’m done

    SIKE I told you not to click what is wrong with you

    Okay now I’m done plz like

  4. Teacher: Put your away on if you need to use the restroom. Me: puts away on Teacher: Angel please take your away off me: i was in the restroom you doofus

  5. I will use these quotes will u? Also I might to Jaylen moore because my last name is moore also because someone stole my bike…. wait did he steal my bike?!

  6. I tried to like the video but I couldn’t find the face on the like button so I couldn’t hit it in the face

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