Getup Srinu About Hyper Aadhi || Anchor Komali Tho Kaburlu

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Jabardasth has always managed to keep the viewers hooked on comedy. This popular Telugu comedy show has introduced many talented comedians to the Film Industry and one such person is getup Srinu. Getup Srinu performs in Sudigali Sudheer skits in extra-jabardasth. Getup Srinu is also known as “Bulli thera kamal Hasan”. Getup srinu made his film debut in Rashmi Gautam’s Charuseela and later stared in Anaganaga Oka Durga, Premika and Idhi Maa Prema Katha

Jabardasth Getup Srinu is here to talk about his life in general, how he entered film industry and his controversies.

Jabardasth Comedian Getup Srinu full interview :

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  1. I really admire sudigali sudhir team as they do real comedy, but aadi is only one liner punch

    Aadi should stop doing jabardasth

  2. S srinu broooo ur right avera vallaki vuntundi ne la Adi acting chayaladu kada Adi okda kadu nela jaberdastu lu avaru chayaladu ur the best actor

  3. ఎవరి Skits వారు Viewers మెప్పు పొందే దిశగా కృషి చేస్తుంటే …మధ్యలో బతుకుదెరువు కోసం పుచ్చు మీడియా చేరి నీది బారా, వాడిది బారా అంటూ clips పెడుతువుంటారు. Please improve your quality of Journalism.

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