Golden Kamuy Episode 8 Live Reaction. Its all for his KATANA, DAM I LOVE THIS ANIME

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HIS KATANA; Maybe I am basis but I freaking love this anime of course old evil grump kenshin need his real Katana, any swordsmen can relate!!!

I freaking love Toshizō Hijikata

Really cool to see interaction between the really badass antagonist and to see that lol Ryuu the Hunters dog is now with them, so its like they keep his beast spirit.

THAN…THAN…we get this hentai, well it makes sense that he likes to murder people with strangulation, a classic sexual serial killer thing as its more personal than doing it with e.g a gun. And yeah….those scenes where really funny and weird really really weird this anime keeps it special comedy.

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Myrmonden – Golden Kamuy episode 8 Reaction
Myrmonden – Golden Kamuy episode 8 Live Reaction

This is my Reaction to Golden Kamuy ( ゴールデンカムイ )Episode 8 for all my reactions and reviews of Golden Kamuy check out my playlist –

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