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Audio is ugly because some people couldn’t watch it for copyright problems, apparently
I hope you find it enjoyable anyways (please ……….. it took me a whole night)

original meme by eddoodles


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Programs used:

Paint tool SAI

Sony Vegas Pro 13

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  1. If you don't want to see my new artstyle and you would rather look at my old one then don't comment about it here, my older videos are still up if you want to look at them
    Yknow- my old artstyle looked cute and all but everything looked the same, a bunch of clones without personality
    I'm trying to grow up as an artist and improve, I want re-nightmare to turn out at least decent

    I hope you understand

  2. Your artstyle is amazing, I kinda prefer this one. It will help you improve aswell, because using one artstyle all the time will not help you expand, btw it's super nice =3=

  3. Me: *listening to it happily*Sleepykinq: *Pops in a loud theme song at the calm part*Me: GEEZUS! WHAT? HUH? WHERE?!?! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!

  4. Sleepykinq, I like The way when you change the Beat with the song instead of the Original Song. And, I also like The music and the actions!!

  5. (I know I'm a month late but-)

    The audio is actually very nice. It gives of a more violent theme to the meme. Turning it more edgier than it should have been, therefore there should be no excuse on for how damn amazing the audio is.

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