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An article has been found listing the top 20 adult movie crossovers, can Paul & Ryan guess which ones made the list? The others could actually be genuine but did they come from Barry’s mind or not make the list – find out!
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Barshens, is a joint weekly entertainment show channel featuring Stuart Ashen (Ashens) & Barry Lewis (MyVirginKitchen). The guys meet up once a Month to bulk film weekly episodes just for a bit of fun & a catch up. We hope you enjoy the show, feel free to send in show ideas and keep in touch on social media (links above) for latest news, interacting in future videos & behind the scenes bits.


  1. I like how Barrys hair misses Eli, and looks like Barry have fabbed like a wild monkey for hours, just to remember Eli.

  2. Paul you and I once got into a spat because I said you were unfunny. Well I have gotta say youve gotten a lot better and I liked you a lot this episode. Youre much for natural on camera now. Good work.

  3. Barry talking about "Butt Beads" and me thinking of Mrs Barry has added a whole new dimension to My Virgin Kitchen.

  4. Know what would be great fun, if there were sudden cut offs from the main video that transitions into a short comedy sketch. I know it means a lot more work I just think it would be hilarious. Think Ideas Men and Office Party Rescue, random stuff like that.

  5. 4:40 I knew watching Cinema Snob would come in handy one day. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit porn is called "Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?" It involves a childish wife watching cartoons while her husband tries to convince her to have sex with him in a whiny voice.

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