Greatest Moments In The History Of IRONY

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Ironic great moments are lurking all around us, waiting to be captured on camera. Here we have the most ridiculously funny examples of irony and some of the greatest moments in the history of IRONY ever captured.

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  1. Irony is when the literal meaning is the exact opposite of the actual meaning. People have apparently learned their grammar from Alanis morisette. Irony can only happen in writing. Irony doesn't exist in life. Look it up.

  2. Not Irony. Well, most is just coincidental and funny by definition.

    Irony would be a cat chasing a dog or even your 90 year old grandma sending a text message.

  3. very cool video, but I have a criticism to make as the images of privatization! Privatization IS NOT A VIOLATION OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY! If done in the form of capitalism or free market, there are no problems, because with free competition all entrepreneurs will be forced to produce products at a low cost and high quality, improving your life. If there is corporatism, that is, monopoly, then you will really have problems, because in the monopoly there is a single businessman in the market who will sell expensive and poor quality products, enriching your expenses! Because in China workers are willing to earn less, it is much cheaper to produce products there than in the US and there is nothing wrong with that, because the Chinese end up having jobs and this prevents them from seeing criminals and you have access to more products which makes the quality of life of you better! If you want these products to be produced in your country to "magnify the nation" (as this discourse is used to deceive many Muggles, you disappoint me), then either you will have to work receiving low wages for products to remain cheap, or the government will have to reduce taxes or you will have to pay fucking expensive for these products, exactly what happens in my country, Brazil! Therefore, there is no escape, "there is no free lunch", if you want to screw other countries you will have to fuck yourself too. If you are less selfish (being less egoistic IS NOT TO BE LESS PATRIOT, THAT IS SO UNDERSTOOD) and see advantages in doing business with other countries, all sides win, but it is fundamental that NO MONOPOLY OCCURS, if not the corrupt businessman, dominating a certain market, will sell expensive and poor quality products to enrich your costs and without competitors you have no choice but to buy expensive and poor quality products and services of this corporatist businessman who pays bribes to politicians to keep this scheme. Pay attention to Americans, there is a big chance that your government will soon go bankrupt due to Obama's overprint of money, you may end up suffering in the future a terrible economic crisis that will happen either in the USA or China or both. This may happen soon, be prepared.

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