Gypsy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Your session begins now. Naomi Watts stars in Gypsy. All episodes now streaming on Netflix.

Watch Gypsy on Netflix:


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Gypsy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. You guys need to take it easy on the show. It’s a fucked up show with an intensive content. It wasn’t even worth the try. And I don’t really know why the fuck they should end up the whole thing in a mysterious case.. I hate how she manipulated everyone around her because of her addiction to the way Sam described Sed. It was too complicated she messed up everyone’s life because she was too selfish!

  2. I just found it and while I want to, I'm purposely not gonna watch it since it's already been cancelled and I don't want my soul to be broken at the end of the season knowing there won't be a new season to mend it

  3. The doctor, shrink, is all screwed up. I mean i actually felt like slapping her. She talked about how one of her patients manipulated others, etc. She is the master. I mean—she manipulated everyone. She surely has BPD. Boarderline Personality Disorder, herself. Her husband knows her better than she knows herself. Yeah, it kept you reeled in, for sure. Wondering what she's going to pull off or try to pull off, next. I heard the ending leaves you, hanging. Haven't gotten there yet. I hate when a movie or whatever, leaves you hanging. Like, figure it out yourself. I like when there's an ending. Anymore, movies are becoming more & more, unpredictable. I like an ending. An ending that makes some kind of sense.

  4. This show is a pile of shit and using stevie nicks as the shows music why ? And what does it have to do with gypsies i dont get it

  5. Please bring back a 2nd season on Netflix or at least a closing episode. Don’t listen to the classist critiques. Do it for the lgtbq community. There is no serie as this one… we women deserve this.

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