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The Nursery presents a night of improvised theatre – completely made up on the spot! Every show features a selection of talented improvisers from across the UK and beyond bringing you some of the most exciting unscripted theatre around. Watch them create everything from short scenes to an entire musical live on stage in front of your eyes!

Tonight’s show features…

Heads Might Roll – Things went wrong. Mistakes were made. Everyone’s pointing fingers, and the only responsible thing the government can do is to consolidate them all into one easily manageable fist; a fist at the end of the longest arm of the law – the ever-delayed, barely accountable (independent) inquiry.

Join a wholly independent panel of improvisers as they get to the bottom of the finest cock-up you can imagine, held to account only by your intervention. And all the while, the true(ish) story of what happened will unfold.

Part political farce, part social satire – Heads Might Roll is a jolly, carefree romp through everything that’s wrong with the modern world.

Things went wrong. Mistakes were made. Heads Might Roll. But they almost certainly won’t.


Somewhat Theatre experiment with new approaches to creating improvised plays – playing from within the audience, using external commands (from Oblique Strategies cards) to direct the piece, and adapting a book of the audience’s suggestion into a play. Reminiscent of Beckett, Pinter and Ionesco, but funnier than that suggests.

Sitting in a Tin Can – Two astronauts in a space capsule. They are far from the world and they have nothing to do but speculate and theorise. What was the real name of the Toys’R’Us Giraffe? Would you rather be a chicken or a cliff? What should you never tell you parents? Why is a coat like Christmas? And what does a happy hinge sound like?

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