HEADS OF SPACE – The Asteroid (Ep.01)

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Armageddon is upon us. An asteroid is in a collision course with Earth, and all life on the planet will be extinguished. The Obama administration has come up with a plan to ensure the survival of the human race: The 2016 presidential candidates have been launched into space to colonize Mars.

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Rosemary Watson (Hillary Clinton, Coolness Adviser)
Nathan Min (President Obama, Nasa Adviser, General)
Eric Harthen (Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush)
Christopher John (ROTUS)

Created by
Oswaldo Graziani Lemoine
Juan Andrés Ravell

Executive Producer
Kevin Mills
Borja Echevarria

Johanna El Zelah

Juan Andrés Ravell
Oswaldo Graziani Lemoine
Jesús Roldán
Victor Medina
Kristy Lopez-Bernal
Kerry McGuire

Creative Consultant
Raúl Stolk

Animation by Pig Apple

Producer & Director
Mack Williams

Character Design
Claire Almon

Cassidy Stone

Nana Boachie
Ryan Denora
Lindsay Smith
Ryan Young
Moe Balinger
Mack Williams
Ashlie Fernandez
Luis Miguel Rodriguez
Mariana Sumares

Ashlie Fernandez
Luis Miguel Rodriguez
Mariana Sumares

Motion Graphics
Mark Paterson

Megan Johnson
Carl Vogler
Cameron Bogue
Tim Kafantaris

Dialogue and Animatic Editor
Johanna El Zelah

Assistant Editor
Humberto Diaz

Trailer Editor
Joel Esparza

Assistant Sound Editor
Rene Andrade

Music, Sound Design and Mixing by Estudio Pararrayos

Music composers
Alain Gómez
Luis Daniel González

Theme song singer
Luis Jiménez.

Music producers
Luis Daniel González
Alain Gómez
Carlos Mas
Yirvin Toro
Rafael Urbina

Sound Designers
Mariano Briceño
Alain Gómez
Luis Daniel González
Carlos Mas

Recording engineers and mixers
Carlos Mas
Luis Daniel González
Alain Gómez.

Production Coordinators
Valentina Landáez
Mary Antonieta López
María José Pérez Vivas

Vice President of Product
Diego Carvajal

Web Design Department
Sandra Merino, Senior Creative Digital Director
Oscar Lozada, Designer lead
Zamir Bermeo, Designer

Sofía Buendía, Product Owner Lead
Andrés Barajas, Product Owner
Camilo Avila, Project Manager

Nivelics, IT dev
Cristian Mora, Front Dev

Felipe Rey, Director
Pablo Wills, Creative Director
Estefania Acosta, Project Manager

Community Manager
Estefanía León

Special thanks to
Mariana Atencio
Alejandra Castellanos
Alejandro Suarez

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  1. I love Trump and found this hilarious. It's really balanced in its humor and legitimately funny. Doesn't pull punches either!

  2. Why don't you shut up you gay, foreign-made, ugly-vegan-vomit-hipster-loving, homo-left-wing-commie, PC-user-prick-Asian-sex-hamster-American taking jobs machine!! Are you Muslim? You are aren't you? Did you bring your papers?

  3. Wait if Obama really wanted to be cool he would most likely approved of a nasa mission to blow up the asteroid. I mean they have months to get rockets together and plant explosives in the astroid then blow up the astroid. That would be a way better idea then sending a bunch of nerds and the presidential candidates up into space.

  4. VIVA VENEZUELA NO JODAAAA!!! (Translation to Trump-ish: This was made by non-American-non-Mexican-non-free-non-a-shit Venezuelans. Vote for me and I'll have Mah-doo-ro Maduro eating my tanned $10K shit)

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