Hillary Clinton, Cardi B & More Audition for “Fire & Fury” – 2018 GRAMMYs

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On the hunt for a spoken word GRAMMY Award, James Corden invites Cardi B, John Legend, DJ Khaled, Cher, Snoop Dogg and Hillary Clinton to audition to narrate Michael Wolff’s best-selling account of President Donald Trump’s White House, “Fire & Fury.”


  1. this is the problem with the world things like this arent entertaining anymore its all about politics and bashing trump

  2. Conservatives can insult and make fun of Hillary all they want.
    Liberals make fun of trump conservatives whine and say they need to be shot. Hipacrits

  3. 99% of the comments slam the libtards but this fat unfunny piece of shit Corden somehow thinks we will fall for the fake "likes" that are 20% more than th dislikes..

  4. I’m not saying anything about trump nor does this apply to him, but it seems as if our country is the type to base a leader’s likability on his over all persona as opposed to the laws and policies he is enforcing . people don’t care about what the president is doing, we can have a vulgar president who is benefitting the country, yet people would protest and judge his/her fitness to be president on their image.

  5. America is just one big joke …. poor voters had to at choose between a soul-less candidate and a brainless candidate … Little wonder they all running around with guns and killing kids and shit. Trump and Hillary is what America is all about …. brainless brash and full of shit !

  6. The probably only one there, whos not completely cringe-worthy and embarassing, is John Legend. But god, if they really have to dig out ppl like cardi-b to crap over the PRESIDENT, mainstream media sure is getting desperate.

  7. And people said she is gone and will not show up anymore. I got a feeling who is going to run in 2020. There is no other option. She has purged everyone that supported Bernie Sanders, she have gone and held speeches in all the states she lost and there is no other politican in the DNC that can take home the win. Now all she is doing is to try and build a cultural presence, so that when she "is forced to run" she can potray herself as the underdog. That is my prediction for 2020, Hillary is for sure not out of the picture yet.

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