Hot Take: Action Point

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  1. The 70’s were cool but the 60’s were fantastic….Some of the great stuff we did and no one cared…

    My father owned a 63 convertible Malibu…I remember standing up in the back seat holding my hands in the air like it was a roller coaster ride while he drove down the highway at 80 MPH…Man, good times…

    NO ONE wore seat belts

    If you had a pick up…You had kids and dogs riding in the back…Almost always standing up…

    The old man would give me two quarters to go get him a pack of cigarettes out of a vending machine…No one batted an eye…

    No one watched their kids…Me and my sister would get up in the morning just leave without saying a word, go over to neighbors houses walk right in, get our friends up and then disappear all day….Parents didn’t even care, they knew we were running around “somewhere” and would come home when we got hungry

    We would walk to a local ice cream parlor, the owner knew all of us, we would get ice cream and not pay a dime, we actually thought everything was free but later found out our parents would go by and pay the guy, he just kept a running tab for us…

    Everyone knew everyone within a 1 square mile radius…Kid got in trouble at 2pm…By 5 everyone knew….There was no way parents wouldn’t find out and there was no way you weren’t going to get punished…

    Remember lawn darts? We used to play a game where everyone would stand together then throw the darts straight up and then scatter…Often Times we did this as our Parents sat outside watching while drinking wine…

    NO ONE locked their doors….If we got hungry or thirsty, we’d just go to the nearest house and grab a glass of milk or water, a hot dog or sandwich…

    EVERYONE had a gun…Usually a .22 or shotgun (Handguns were usually hidden away) and it was never locked up…We all knew about them and were told never to touch them…We never did…

    If we got hurt, my parents would say “Unless I see blood gushing out or a bone sticking out, your fine”

    Almost everyone had only 1 car and 1 TV….We didn’t get a 2nd TV until 1974 and 2nd car until 1976….

    EVERYONE went to church on Sunday, mainly because you didn’t want to be that one family that wasn’t seen at church on Sunday….We hated it, my friends hated it, my parents hated it…But we all went….Remember, everyone knew everyone….

  2. People were freer back in the day. Now we're all slaves to political correctness thanks to liberals.

  3. You remind me so much of Danny McBride. One of the best actors especially in comedy. That is my opinion anyways

  4. Specifically, this is inspired by Action Park, a theme park in New Jersey that became infamous for its horrible safety violations and drunk apathetic teenage staff, yet at the same time was beloved by many in the area who grew up when it was still around because the lack of regulation gave them a ton of freedom.

  5. I always thought they used Johnny Knoxville's face in the comic story line in the first Max Payne, you rated the movie not just based on your own opinion, something sjw's can learn from, good job man

  6. Holy shit. Surprise face reveal. I always thought you look like a half black american nerd. Not a lumberjack irishman.

  7. Hey no BS you look different than I imagined. It's funny how that works out. Johnny Knoxville is a terrible actor. IMO.

  8. The movie is based of a Theme Park you might know called Action Park, thats why the movie is called Action Point? Action Park was one of the most dangerous park, people died there yet everybody loved the park so much that they would still go until action park had to close its doors. You know you should watch a documentary or 2

  9. Did they turn Johnny Knoxville into a robot how do you get your face that clean of facial hair

  10. To be honest; Communism has caused more deaths in history than Nazis ever did. Deaths in Soviet Russia are still adding up upon the estimated fifty million. Along with Mao Zedong caused nearly seventy five million deaths in China by intentionally starving the population.

  11. rotten tomatoes took a shit on this move, and frankly i didnt even hear of this movie till seeing this vid

  12. Early 2000s….not early 90s…Jackass premiered October 2000….You made a mistake and you were wrong and I am RIGHT! Go ME!!… Now i feel good!!….AND I'm less upset about all of the mistakes i've made in my life!.. Go ME! Go ME! Go ME!

  13. Well the ride where knoxville goes down the ramp and the ride and flies off. He really did. He said he went to the hospital to get checked out. They said he was ok. Then that night at his home. He blew his nose and his eyeball popped out. Nasty shit. So they took him to the hospital amd it happened again. But he pushed it back in because he had a patch lmmfao. That dudes is nuts amd funny as hell

  14. This was a horrible, predictable movie. If you watched the trailer, you've seen all the stunts. The story was weak as well

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