How Arizona Cops “Legally” Shoot People

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Donate to Daniel Shaver’s Family’s GoFundMe page below. They are $25K away from their goal.
Daniel’s widow, Laney Sweet wrote, “The continued donations, if you choose to so kindly donate, will help recover court costs, traveling, food etc that I’ve had to spend over the last two years and our 6 week stay of trial. We are also all three in EMDR therapy every week working through our feelings and anxiety/PTSD/depression.”
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  1. What I see is an officer high on FPS adrenaline -rage intimidating a regular Joe into emotional breakdown until he can justify his gamer honed trigger happy finger into filling him with lead. All for none malevolent pointing of airsoft gun out of his hotel window. This is murder. The, now ex cop, Brailsford, can still carry a gun. Mesa police is culpable for not filtering out FPS adrenaline idiots like this from the force.

  2. "an internal investigation has come to the conclusion that the officer involved in the shooting was fearing for his life , no wrong doings"

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