How To Perfectly Respond To People Who Don’t Text Back

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How To Perfectly Respond To People Who Don’t Text Back

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy… But text me the f&$* back.
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  1. Me texting
    Me: Hey,
    gets a response 20 minutes later
    Them: Hey.
    Me: whatcha doin
    Them: Nothin much
    Me: can I call you i'm bored
    Them: they dont respond but reads my text message
    Me: waits for response hoping for a yes or no
    (Wth -_- This person literally spams me. 24/7)

  2. If its someone in my family, I'd text back quick. If its someone I don't care about, I honestly ignore the message. Sometimes I delete without reading it. Other people I seem to not worry about, I ignore or block.

  3. I was texting my fake cousin "hey what are you doing?" Basically my cousin was active, saw my text, and didn't bother to text me back. The majoraty of my cousins are fake. Im sorry for mispelling and having bad grammar :'(

  4. Me

    Me: Hello! Can you send me a pic of the last mid term test? I think I lost it
    Doesnt answer
    Me: We have 3 exams tomorrow with lots of memorize. When are you gonna reply back?

  5. I don't owe anyone a swift reply, I text back whenever I can or feel like. People, get a grip, there were times when folks waited months for a single letter!

  6. I don't mind if people take some time to text back as long as I don't see them doing a lot of things on social media after reading what I texted. Funny 'cause these are the same people who go mad if I don't answer right away like??? I only read messages and stuff when I can actually respond to them, otherwise I might forget that I read them you know? Nowadays I just delete the messages so I can forget what I said, and when they finally reply to me, either I already forgot or I just don't care anymore

  7. Impatient over 2 hours? Its worse when you specifically state a call-to-action question, leave you on read and then reply up to a day or two later. That's just plain rude, it's happening with alarming frequency across my network of friends and acquaintances.

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