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  1. Broads been "agreeing" the family courts are fucked up for 50 years and shit only has gotten worse. The only thing that will change minds is family courts burning to the ground and its employees being lynched. I'm not being hyperbolic people have been lynched in america before.

  2. How does a man climb the ladder in life when he has a child pulling one leg and a wife on the other. Time is precious . All that money, time and energy could be used into starting a successful business or even starting a business with another mgtow.
    A Musician sometimes signs with a well known record label for exposure and a 'money deal' but with marriage you only get the restrictions of a record label and none of the benefits.
    It's the worst business contract you could ever sign with no guarantee, not even with a pre-nup. A woman loves marriage because it's financial security, she has you tied down for life. She can treat you like shit and use divorce to get what she wants

  3. I also blame feminism. They ruined traditionalism. They are the reason why marriage is shit now. I am happy he blames feminism. Fuck feminism.

  4. Women want men that have money.   They don't want men who are busy earning it and not spending it all on them.   Single men can and do work long hours much more easily because they are not distracted, nor worried about, by what is going on at home.

  5. Or fathers start getting custody. In most cases children would be beter off with their dad and dad generally dont need alimony or child support.

  6. these female callers deviate from subject marriage immediately…there is NO reason for a man to ever marry. Shack up only to have kids, understanding you may have childsupport to pay ……….you gotta want kids bad.

  7. No child support at all. If you want custody of your children then you must be fiscally capable of bearing the load. The rest of it is excuses.

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