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  1. I live in Norway and am thereby not experiencing this big racism issue, but to me it seems silly to say that someone is racist because he said a certian word. It is the persons opinion and actions that show his true colors, not using a certian word. For example, most people are not sexist or thought of as one when they are using words such as whore, bitch etc

  2. Well I don't think saying the n-word necessarily makes a person rascist, in Felix's case it was said out of frustration and anger and not towards a person of race,he did acknowledged his mistake, I don't know why people still use it as a point against him it almost like they don't even want to give him a chance

  3. i as a german, dont think the word "nigger" is a problem, it gets used as a joke all the time in germany its just as bad as something like "cunt" over here, you dont get judged like in america when you say it, its just another bad word like any other. (unless you say it to a black person of course) i had no problem with him saying that, because its not a big deal here, but thats just my view, and i dont want to get into this any further cause this topic was talked over way to much imo

  4. I think that the reason that they are using stars instead of actual youtubers is because the stars could provide most of the funding whereas if youtubers did it it would be extremely budgeted and we all know how youtube is with providing money

  5. He's Swedish and in Europe that word doesn't have that much weight and is almost never used / and never in a negative way. Only understood by fans of US Hip Hop music basically. I think that's where he got it from. Europe doesn't have any type of "music censoring", so nobody from here would self-bleep himself while reciting rhymes. Nobody knows those "radio versions" the US plays. That entire concept of bleeping words is US-only. You can hear explicit music everywhere all day where that word used on the regular. That desensitizes to a degree. Now standing in front of a US-audience (life stream in this case), all nervous and stressed out, it probably takes extra self-restraint for a European to be 100% "clean" while hosting. Even the most veteran TV hosts messed up live at least once, and they were actually raised with that state of mind and still failed. I think pewdiewpie holds up well considering.

  6. Honestly, when you get pissed you just say all the worst words you can come up with. But people's logic was that (he said it unconsciously, so he must say it often), that's not how it works. We all know the word exists, and maybe it pops up in our heads from time to time from watching a movie or listening to a song or whatever other reason. So it's always there in the back of our minds. And that's why people can accidently say it in a moment of frustration. To think that I would be labeled a racist just for that one moment is insane. But it's the world we live in, sadly. It doesn't matter if you're actually racist, if you just say something that's considered racist, then you are racist. "But then why would you say it?", shit happens. Obviously the situation matters, but his situation is clearly not directed at anyone.

  7. this is a bit late, but my father always had a phrase he used often to describe politics in america; especially in accordance to racism.
    "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"
    honestly.. the N word has some bad history, but if people stop reacting to it.. it dies. That's it.. If some racist redneck says it then that person is pitiful and out of options (i say this while living in Indiana lol)
    I also feel the same way about all the racist terms used towards white people, i heard peckerwood for the first time and had to look it up.. instead of being offended i laughed and said, "well that was creative"
    stop making a big deal out of things and prove that humans can triumph over simple words.
    Also… if anyone really hates it, look up the origins on google its actually pretty interesting.

  8. "you should do it yourself. make your own scare pewdiepie." that show took lots of licenses, a studio and studio equipment, side actors, etc. pewdiepie tried to have something of a studio when he rented that office floor, but it didn't really work or seem comfortable for him. i think he only held like 3 live streams there before it died. then "pewdiepie is a nazi!" happened.

  9. Racism is when you reference someone. If you say words like that only it is more out of frustration and yes even I think PewDiePie is not racist.

  10. A man once said everyone always prefer something above something, even in race. We didn’t think we’re racist because we didn’t notice it or just try to think we’re on the right side.

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