Indian Political Spectrum explained under 2 minutes | Stand up Comedy by Rahul Subramanian

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Here is my stand up video – Indian Political Spectrum explained under 2 minutes

Catch me LIVE do my one hour stand up comedy special “Kal Main Udega” in the following cities

Mumbai – 22nd July
Bangalore – 23rd July
Pune – 28th July
Delhi – 30th July
Kolkata – 5th August
Goa – 12th August
Chennai – 10th September


Mum, Bglr, Del, Pune, Kol. Goa –
Chennai –

Venue: The Habitat – Comedy and Music Cafe
Video: Nishant Thawrani, assisted by Saumya James and Dishang Popat
Sound: Sreejith Menon
Managed by: Prerna Obahn


  1. Check out stand up by Kunal Kamra and "Hasya Kavi" Sampat Saral.. They have a field day with the guy who cant be named and his party LOL

  2. Anyone can make a joke on anyone. Modi is not above anyone. Also, it's a fact that making jokes on Rahul and Sonia is not entirely safe either. We had 66A to curb people posting things on internet during UPA. A congress neta lost his membership for calling RaGa as pappu and couple of other legal cases for making fun of SG. All said and done, let's make jokes on every politician.

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