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Rhett and Link get passionate about the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, how it happens, & what steps they’ve taken to avoid it.
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  1. I have so much more respect for you guys in the way you handle your content. I'm an artist and I completely agree that there can be too much inspiration that you end up copying that inspiration.

  2. why not create Cake Closed, a skit about solving ridiculous food related crimes. and the tone is all serious but the script is funny. puns galore!

  3. Lets all be honest here. If people tried taking ENTIRELY new concepts never done before, we wouldnt be in this technological era. If so, nobody wouldve tried to make phones better and more compact, and we would still be living in caves and whatnot

  4. I don't get it. Because of this Ear Biscuit, I watched a few of Steve's painting videos, and I don't see that he ever used a Shake Weight. Without that, John's video was just a parody of Bob Ross. I have to wonder if the backlash is just because people don't know about Bob Ross anymore?

  5. I like what Rhett and Link were saying at the end, where you find or look for inspiration somewhere totally un-related to your project. It draws a new perspective and most likely no one else would have thought of that same thing because it is so out there. Another way to come up with an original idea is to merge two ideas together to form a "twist" to an existing idea. This was really interesting to hear ya'll talk about!

  6. My view on this is there's 7 Billion people on this earth, if someone can come up with a concept then someone else can too

  7. Super disappointed that you guys didn't publish the shake weight and the show and yell videos. Given the fact you acknowledge the similarities and make clear none of it is intentional I think it would be totally awesome to share with the mythical beasts. They sound really funny.

  8. Bring back your stubble.
    I always fantasize about Rhett, but that shadow on Link's face makes my dreams into a threesome.

  9. Some of these are so unfortunate. Specially the project with the kids. That must have hurt.

    "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" is a film by Buñuel. It says a lot about how much you guys like surrealism.

  10. I LOVE the fact that you guys have just got into the Mighty Boosh! It was my favourite thing as a teenager and I still adore it. I've always seen a lot of similarities between your work and sometimes think of you guys as 'The American Mighty Boosh'! Your book and my Mighty Boosh book are the two of the only books I've ever bought myself as soon as they were released and if you want to make my absolute dreams come true, PLEASE get Noel Feilding and Julian Barrett in an ear biscuit or on GMM!! It would be the best thing ever

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