Italian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Italy is in the throes of a turbulent race to elect a new prime minister. John Oliver discusses the colorful contenders and introduces an equally ridiculous candidate.

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  1. The left has been abandoned by centrists, atheists, and other groups. Any person who just leans left, have been running to the right. If you think the Right is moving to power because people are racist, You are the reason for President Trump, Brexit, Italian election, and their will be so much more to come. I can’t wait.

  2. Matteo completely said that he does not want violence to happen for political gain. His followers that do so is wrong.

  3. Italy is rioting against fascism, this the liberal fascism that is sweeping the entire EU and destroying it.

  4. Ok, it's been more than 1 month since election day, and none of the parties got a good enough result to decide the name of the next Prime Minister without getting into alliances. Being in the need of a name that everyone can agree on, I'm currently hoping for that Airbud scenario to be still viable. A name change could be necessary though. All hail new PM Giovanni Olivetti.

  5. Italy is a parliamentary republic, not a presidential one like France or USA, so i don't realise why in the anglo world people think is weird that Italy changes so many governments?; Berlusconi was not candidate at the elections; the members of parliament are elected, not the Prime Minister, who doesn't exist in Italy; the only fascist like party obtained only 0,8% at the last elections; the "fascist" man who shot to random africans was a person under psychiatric care and his action was due to the brutal rape, murder and dismemberment of a teenager girl by nigerian traffic dealers

  6. Jewish George Soros did his best to help the left in, you see: Jewish George Soros feels that Italia is too Italian. And he does not like that! He wants all white Christian Countries to be diverse—-code words for less white people—he wants Italians to pay welfare so that Africans can stay home and cry racism.

  7. Aaaaaaand Salvini won. I've been saying this a lot lately: WHY IS EVERYTHING STUPID?!

    (… Wait, Berlusconi owned AC Milan?)

  8. If Italians would take our politics as serious as we would take our cooking, we'd be a world power.

    I really wish the Italian government would just hand the reigns over to Germany with the caveat "You can't interfere with our food."

  9. i think the last time Italy dabbled with fascism was in the so called years of lead between 1969 and the 1980s when there where polliticly motivated bobings conducted by the Neo-fascist New order and assassinations by the Communist red brigades

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