Jay-Z Bashes Trump on CNN

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  1. I highly doubt Jay-Z would employ as many people of ANY color as Trump.
    "…because it's not about money at the end of the day…" Says a guy who got into the entertainment industry FOR THE MONEY.

  2. there is/was a disproportionate amount of crime in american committed by blacks, correct me if I'm wrong but most of the minority black people in america just happen to be in "shithole" communities, the low income areas that never had any jobs, where most people live off welfare and for some reason some of those black communities have created a gang culture of semi – organised crime, it is of course the same individuals adding to the statistics, how is it a bad thing that some of these people will actually earn a stable income and not become desperate enough to turn to crime, making even the repeat offenders a smaller number of individuals yet again, when is JayZ going to tackle that issue, instead of just saying "hur hur trump" like everyone else?

  3. J-Z should be happy about black unemployment being at an all time low that would mean more record sales. smh this is coming from a man that gets paid for keeping his own people down… ya ya treat everyone like human beings right!!!

  4. Yes money can bring temporary joy, but not happiness. I am the complete opposite of rich but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t help solve internal problems. Why do y’all think Robin Williams or Kurt Cobain killed themselves when they were rich af

  5. Lol only reason you mean anything at all is that Millennials are the dumbest group in history. and you pray upon there stupidity

  6. Damn your channel is so much trash lmao. You are stupid as fuck. You just make rants and use misleading titles and your videos lack facts. Typical idiot right winger. Now you are bashing Jay Z and call him a drug dealer?? lol THis shows how low you can go to discredit a man lol I can show so many right wingers who have done bad things in the past too. Again your videos can only brainwash stupid kids or Trumptards that don't care about facts. How did Jay Z end up hating Trump???? He just gave his opinion and didn't even go hard on Trump.

  7. I would assume that vegan dude i force to eat a steak out of my sweaty asscheeks at gunpoint was totes happy my man also i want to say i would rather have a javelin shoved up my urethra than look at this dum ol bullhead thingy
    In fact im so triggered i will actuall take the time to write a comment or whatevs. BY THE WAY DANIEL WE ARE WATCHING YOU.

  8. So somebody please tell me again: What is jz's "talent" again????????????????
    OH right he is just another retard, left wing, pussy, cock-sucker, millionaire. OK got it.

  9. I just want to point out the fact that you saying trump doesn’t have time is pretty stupid. He has taken more time off than obama had.

  10. Jay-Z is an illiterate drug dealing ghetto boy who got lucky ,his opinions mean nothing. There's a reason why he and is equally illiterate wife rarely speak in public. They are both retarded.

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