Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes After Mocking First Lady’s Accent

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  1. I want the "it's okay to be right" shirt but I know if I get it in white it'll be stained before the days end

  2. Sigh… I'm going to be that guy.

    Why is making fun of someone's accent is bad if they swing for the right wing, but if they swing left it's fair game? You just did a video about Apu and how people getting offended need to get over it. I mean isn't going after Kimmel no different than if SJWs do it? Reason why SJWs didn't ream Kimmel a new one is because it's obvious, they hate Trump, and Melania for being married to him.

    Comedy should be fair game, can't preach anti-SJW and get offended when some left wing guy pokes fun at the first lady. Can't have it both ways. This is what happens when personal politics get in the way.

  3. Good heavens. Kimmel is a mess. Back to the days when late night TV was actually funny with real comedians. The slop the left pushes as comedy now is total garbage.

  4. You remember those times in elementary when the teacher would break up little squabbles between "those two kids" (You know exactly the type)…. Turns out there are no teachers in adulthood.

  5. This bs. A joke is a joke. I highly doubt you would have made a similar video if it was Michelle Obama. We need to stop going after people for making jokes regardless of where it comes from. Hannity also made jokes about Michelle so he’s also being a hypocrite. Right now your views on this are skewed because you seem to think the right can do no wrong and the left are always wrong. It doesn’t matter what he represents himself as because a joke is a joke. Seriously everyone needs to get over this. You can make jokes of the same people you’re supportive of. The left isn’t safe from being joked about just because a person has the same beliefs as them. Both sides are full of shit and you are too for skewing this story to make Jimmy Kimmel look like the only hypocrite

  6. How dare you jimmy you spineless worm…how dare you mock the first lady for reading to this nations youth , she seemed to like reading to them so leave her alone Weinstein jr

  7. The thing is that you get a free pass to be offensive, racist, homphobic, etc if you are actually funny. But Jimmy Kimmel isn't even funny

  8. Hi !

    I Iike you because you explain stuff from the beginning and its so much easier to understand what is going on. Keep up like this !

  9. I'm gay, those jokes where fucking funny (I have such a weak sense of humour) also, if you think people mocking accents is bad, try going to a hoilday in another country with a heavy british accent, people are constantly asking me to slow down, speak up or just saying I should "speak normally"

  10. Would he do the same for Michelle Obama, Barbera Bush, or Hillary Clinton? I think not. An attack on our First lady especially while fully being full on discriminatory not to mention shaming on all free Independent Women of our country is dispicable!!. What the fuck is the matter with you you stupid fucking idiot!!!?

    You are done James Kimmel, I am never watching your crap again. That is just not funny bunny.

    You can attack the President all you want(Heck, he can take it), but leave the First family out of it!!!

    And FYI, Ass Clown means every silly and stupid thing that comes out of your mouth is shit.

  11. C'mon kimmel is a merc by definition, he says and does whatever he has to if he gets payed to do so. He was making dick jokes surrounded by half naked ladies on tv 15 years ago, he is now an SJW mouthpiece. He is a whore, he should be taken as one.

  12. As far as I am concerned, you need to do anything to become a target for mockery. And Kimmel owes nobody an apology for mocking them. He does, however, owe everyone an apology for being such a pussy and apologising instead of standing by his actions. And another apology for being so shit. I don't find him particularly funny. His mocking of Mrs Trump's accent reminded me of kids bullying in the playground. It wasn't funny, wasn't clever, just stupid. Jimmy Kimmel is a poopoo head.

  13. First of all, people probably already don't watch his crappy show. If they do, it is because of Guillermo or because they are a far left, trump hating liberal. And second, HER ACCENT WASN'T BAD AT ALL. May the double standards be with you Jimmy "asshole" Kimmel, you are a fraud.

  14. Granted I don't think it's something to apologize over. Comedy is comedy after all. But the irony in someone like Kimmel, someone who considers Donald a racist and frequently complains about it, making an arguably racist/discriminatory joke like that is absolutely hilarious.

  15. Joke off…how many languages does Kimmel speak?   Laugh all you want.  She's smarter than JK could ever be.

  16. Kimmel is scum. Look at his previous actions on TV, salacious and hypocritical. Scum. Death to Kimmel, death to the Left.

  17. He issued his apology because Hannity said on his show that he had audio of Kimmel's comments from his past as a pseudo-comedian. Hannity hinted that the MeToos will burned him at the social media stake when they hear it (he already played part 1 for his radio audience and it was pretty demeaning to women (by today's standards). He threatened to play part 2, and that's why Kimmel tapped out. He knows in the current climate he would have been banished to Outer Spacey had the past jokes come out.

  18. The Jimmy Kimmel people know now is a shell of what he use to be. What a sad sack of conformist celebrity suck fest dog shit. This dingleberry and Adam Coralla use to have a great show with great skits and now he's crying all the time and is a industry cuckold. Phony lame.

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