Jon Stewart To The Media: It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back

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Worried that the mainstream media’s breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice.

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  1. I would totally be down for Colbert and Stewart hosting the show together. Like Conan and Andy, but more equal.

  2. Jon … you have the RARE opportunity to make a difference in the cluster fuck of humanity. RUN FOR PRESIDENT AFTER TRUMP…YOU WILL WIN.

  3. this is why i hate trump. i am 28 ive carried rd a gun for like 12 years and im canadian, i look bad cause i follow all the rules but m y dad was cool and let me carry my own shit cause he knew i was respsiblble and just cause u carry a gun dont mean your insane. these crazy mother fuckersn makeb this shit out to be politicle, and if u do it right, my dad

  4. I.F. Stone, Glen Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Matt Taibi, Greg Pallast, Juan Gonzalez, Jeff Cohen, et al.
    I have lots of heroes. Now I have some on the TV machine again.

  5. It's awesome they're like brothers I wonder if they hate each other in real life the enemy of my enemy is my friend you know that kind of shyt still love you guys keep doing you

  6. Trump does not know he's lying! The instant he says something that is utterly ridiculous, and an obvious lie..His psychotic narcissistic mind instantly converts it to his truth!.. The "Believe me!" is just a projection urging everyone to believe the lie, because he now believes it is the truth! Egomaniacal narcissists are commonly pathological liars as a matter of course, it's part of the their self grandeur syndrome to demonstrate their superiority above others!

  7. jon stewart is a phenomenal man. in addition to being one, i hear he has also voiced contempt for islamophobia, which is commendable. great guy!

  8. How dare you accuse Trump of lying! He does no such thing!..Believe me!..He had the biggest inauguration crowd..I saw it..Believe me! And he's got really big hands too..Believe me!..General Flynn?..Kushner?..Manafort? Papadopolous" He's never even met them..Believe me! The Hollywood access tape is fake news..Believe me!..Obama was born in Kenya, fake birth certificate..Believe me!Trump would never lie..Believe me!..And you will believe anything!

  9. In the past the left knew the media was corporate and controlled. now kids eat this nonsense up. trump isn't good but neither are these clowns. pseudo intellectual trash so kids have their talking points. Sad state of US democracy.

  10. Stephen's mock ignorance… combined with Jon's razor-sharp satire… is just AAMAZINGG (in Jon's wilful low whisper)…

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