Justin Bieber DEFENDS Selena Gomez With CRYPTIC Instagram Note

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Justin Bieber posted a cryptic note on Instagram and fans think that he was actually defending Selena Gomez!
Is it ever really too late to say sorry?

As everyone knows, the 2018 Met Gala was on Monday and tons of the biggest celebs stepped out wearing the most elaborate and beautiful outfits in honor of the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

While pretty much every major celeb except for Beyoncé walked the carpet, one person who was obviously missing was Justin Bieber. The “Friends” singer has been taking a break from big public events but we were still hoping that he would make an exception for this fashionable night.

Although he didn’t show up dressed to the nines, he did make his presence known. The morning after the event, JB posted a note on Instagram pleading with people to not get distracted by the all the fancy clothes and that celebrities are just normal people, too.

Justin didn’t explain the reasoning behind the note but the timing of it all makes it pretty obvious. Fans even believe that this was the singers way of defending Selena Gomez over all the hate she received about her Met Gala look.

The Wolves singer was accused of black face due to her skin being seriously darker than normal and people were less than thrilled over her dress. In her Instagram stories Selena was super excited about the night and said that she would explain every detail in an Instagram post, but she hasn’t uploaded a single photo from the night yet.

Fans believe that the Biebs wrote this note to take the attention of Selena and that people who were hating on her would take a step back and remember that she’s a normal person, too.

What do you think about this? Was Justin really trying to defend Selena or was the timing just coincidence? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see our Met Gala Best Dressed list! I’m Naz Perez, thanks for tuning in!

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  1. SJWs are the most annoying people on Earth…. And what's funny is someone who's not even black started this whole blackface thing. Goes to show you how far people will go to be considered part of minorities and defend them over the most stupid shit. Someone delete Tumblr, SJW Facebook and SJW twitter so they can finally die off. PLEASE.

  2. What ever her look I never like her. Because I really don't like from first dating Justin. I just like and love Justin….. And Justin mom scooter and Justin family and friends and fans.

  3. What I say Selena has been this tablet for I mean for god sakes y'all so you can see her pale and tan list if y'all act like y'all have to turn it into a racism for all the years of seeing JLo tan herself over and over again cuz when I was little at first when I saw her I thought she was black and then when I watch the movie Selena and I realized that she wasn't and that she was Latina cuz honestly if Jennifer wash all that turn off she going to be just as pale as Selena Gomez and no one had a problem with with JLo why the hell you have to have a problem with Selena he was just looking for shit to trash into talk about this is not even a real issue people just trying to start shit.

  4. P.S Selena look gorgeous people just hating cuz I can look as beautiful and Flawless in anything like she can.

  5. Really? people got offended over her tan and called it a blackface? Everyone gets offended by everything these days

  6. Leave Justin alone…I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Selena and if it does please shoot me…

  7. Breaking news : Justin and Selena both breath same air this has something to do with their relationship

  8. “People were less than thrilled over her dress.” what the fuck? You sound like people were offended by what she wore as if it was a personal thing to them. What she wears doesn’t affect you. Ughh I hate the way the media puts so much importance on the way people dress. It’s messed up.

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