#Killstream: Brittany Venti Live, Irony Bros vs Bronx Blogger, & Trump Legal Weed

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Brittany Venti:

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  1. Ralph, why the fuck is Donga the shitskin injun fraud wrenched on your channel? After all that's come out about him and all his lies shown you still have that faggot as a mod? Fuck you Ralph and fuck you Tonka.

  2. The reason Shoe0nHead and Ice Poseidon have no consequences for their shitty behavior is because their fanbases are garbage to begin with.

  3. I dont know why people get so butthurt over the Irony Bros. While I do think they kind of got owned here, they are trash talker and are good at it, evidenced by the butthurt spergs. They just should have kept mocking Bronx instead of playing into his game. Bronz is a guy who "hunts Nazi's online" there is a lot of material to rip on.

  4. fat people = nazis?
    people hate on boomers now but millennials are going to be the ones that actually use the fucking nukes.

  5. oh look its beardson, i was wondering whack the cuck point of view was, then he gave the jewish point of viiew instead.

  6. When your teenage post-modernism leads you to getting slaughtered by a communist, it's time to scratch your head and put on your thinking cap.

  7. When we win, remember that I want irony bros broke raped and dead and I think its funny.

  8. How does Shia have money? He's only been a successful actor since age 12 and made 3 Transformer movies. I don't get it! Fucking retarded, mate.

  9. Ironybros were insufferable. Is basically Zoom all over with ''I was merely pretending to be retarded guys, look what an epic troll I am''

  10. Ralph, why has Metokur lost 50% of his viewers/subs in the last 30 dyas?

    Does he have a case of "Ethan Cancer" because people are fucking bored about you going on, and on, and on about Sargoy?

  11. The director who made “Nymphomaniac” is Lars Von Trier Look up “Lars Von Trier says he identifies with Hitler” sometime. It’s hilarious

  12. Kinda sad people are giving a le 56% chubby thot a pass, but get so assmad over irony bros for calling out the beta simpery of the right.

    I'm just going to assume most of the comments are women.

  13. 1:42:00
    Some guy goes on to describe how the Alt-Right loves Pat's tactic of pandering to blacks, and somehow… just somehow the alt-right doesn't understand that "it's the same thing the GOP does". The guy speaking is a fucking simpleton.
    1. Do you understand time preference?
    2. Do you understand demographics as it pertains to campaigning?
    3. Why would you care if the alt-right supported reparations for nogs(inadvertently) if you weren't kind of racist yourself?
    4. The GOP doesn't pander to blacks when it comes to reparations anyway, that's the liberal left.
    5. Those "internet racists" you're talking about will be the only reason you make it to 60 years old in your lifetime, if at all.

  14. Let me educate you on then juuls bro, the juul is for pussies, the Sourin Drop is the vape to go with, high resistance drag, high rate salted nic that goes right to your bloodstream, and you dont need to have the same flavor every time,

  15. Boring af again. His co-hosts are boring, Ralph is always fence sitting- never has the balls to express actual opinions. Its obvious this is why this channel is dead af. We've been listening to him ball-wash warski and donka habitually. Now hes seriously white-knighting for a troll tit streamer. This was shit tier content. Audiobooks > this stream.

    Tldr: when a jew reading shit is more interesting than the content ur putting out that's a good indication its about time to for our Ralphie May lookalike to khs

  16. Lmao that was the most pussiest way I've seen someone prevent REAL banter. Made me cringe hard. You cucks really are making Donka proud tho huh?

  17. Even the comments are bitch tier on this channel, Ralph needs to find a more interesting hug-box or this channel will continue to fail hard. Lord knows Ralphie may is to insecure to have anything other than a circle-jerk for a stream. Rip in piss guys

  18. I've watched the Sargon Spencer debate twice now and I still can't see how Spencer won. The only person that was giving argument was Styxandhammer666. Spencer was screeching 'Muh Strawman' when Sargon was explaining his own position and they both devolved into mere name calling. They both certainly didn't debate anything, and JF just randomly jumped in despite being a moderator to jump on Sargon.

    Maybe Spencer won on a internet blood sports level or something by being the best name caller in the stream? I'm not choosing any sides, if everybody would be saying that Sargon won than I would say the same about Sargon. They both lost the debate. Maybe I don't see it because I don't want to suck Spencers or Sargons dick all day.

  19. Porn is just for dudes. Most of the men aren't at all fit. In fact, I feel they sometimes pick weird men to make the act more degrading. Because men are turned on by watching women do degrading things. That's all male sexuality is.

  20. lol Busty Israeli models. European Jewish girls tend to have giant tits. And they look like any other white lady with big tits.

    I'm a friend of the white Jews with big tits.

  21. Let me add a simple argument against Bronx Blogger as he actually wasn't that sharp, Irony just sucked:

    1. Ethno nationalists don't hate the state of Israel, they hate that European Jews have traditionally tried to make their ethnostates open to mass immigration for the other's benefit. Otherwise they wouldn't care and would likely support Israel and wouldn't have anything against white Jews. Jews do this out of fear of being persecuted, as they were traditionally targeted in medieval Europe for not being Christian. Though that logic no longer really makes any sense, as no one persecutes them any longer. In fact, most conservatives in the US have favorable views of Jews, yet Jews remain scared, which effects their politics, which effects everyone as they hold a lot of power.

    2. Most American elites are Jewish in the media, journalism, and are about half the 1%, who heavily effect popular opinion.They also make a large portion of academia in proportion to their population and ability. Keep in mind they're 2% of the population. So in this case, ethnicity is effecting politics. This is admitted by Cofnas, professor of biology at Oxford, so it isn't controversial. Jews being over represented and effecting politics is not controversial. Which brings me to the third point..

    3. It's impossible to separate ethnicity from politics. The two go hand-in-hand. Class and economics play a role, but ethnicity is at the core of politics. You can't simply dismiss it and blame everything on a civic government. As said, government serves the interests of the rich, the state, and the citizens, in that order. Ethnicity always plays a role in politics.

    4. The State of Israel is a colony of the US. It's function is to allow the US to control the region and its resources so
    China and other powers won't have access to said resources. The reason the US continually chooses Israel as the base specifically to do this in the middle east is likely because of Jewish elites backing Israel through funding.

    5. Everything that is conservative isn't inherently fascism. That's terrible debating. You can be an ethno nationalist who isn't against freedom. Nazbol style.

    6. Anarcho Communism is stupid and contradicts itself. You mean Anarcho Syndicalism, a more rational system. Which I also have problems with. I prefer Democratic Capitalism (Co-ops), and that might lead to Anarcho Syndicalism naturally. I don't believe in any advanced economy with uncontrolled immigration, though. That's for the past. You can't have both. Though, I agree with some parts of Anarcho Syndicalism, as some of its ideas and support Richard Wolf's economic views.

    (I just wanted to point out all the holes in Bronx's logic.)

  22. Imagine being btfo'd THIS hard by Bronx Blogger. Omg. This is fantastic. "You guys are kekistanis" I'm crying. Wtf i love antifa now

  23. ‘Ironybros’ were what the left called actual talented but ‘problematic’ folks like Nick Mullen in 2016. These cringelords are sarcastic gossip girls with zero understanding of irony. Bronx Blogger absolutely emasculated them and their played out schtick here.

  24. "What are you, are you alt right?"
    "I'm a Catholic."
    "Hitler was a Catholic too."

    Bravo, Bronx. You got 'em. Found the nazis.

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