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The Tyranny from these three individuals ends today…
•DON’T send hate to anyone I talk about.
•Section 104; fair use: criticism, art or parody.
•False strikes will cause litigation proceedings.
•Self Defense; myself/others after data mining.

All arguments are factual.


  1. Oh and can I mention? Eth criticised me for bringing up "old drama" even though he won't let rye go. How hypocritical

  2. Eth shouldn’t have influenced the problem influencing Asriel & Austin to go on w/ this. Eth’s pretentious man-child actions are the catalyst for this vid in the first place. Vocality & toxcity can’t be toxic no matter how truthful it is. Changing your stance quickly like I noticed is a indicator of being two faced. Lastly this isn’t a “hate video” eth w/ valid evidence; it’s truth. Now please grow up Eth.

    To KingGoji crying about drama over twitter you started w/ eth & Asriel is victim carding. Funny he says it while I’m blocked & thinks I won’t see it. Also funny you guys deleted your rye videos or privated them; I debunked them. Anyway my point is have a spine at least.

  3. I like how u want to ruin people's lives on the internet over one thing. I mean, what if one them have autism? Are u gonna make fun of them. And also what if that one commited suicide? I bet u would be happy. Also, I think u are being a psycho.

  4. Leave them alone. They have opinions. I hope u get reported. U are a psycho. I bet one of them has autisim. Don't make jokes about autism.

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