Kiznaiver Ep 1 Reaction: ANIMEzing!

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Here are my premature reactions to KIZNAIVER! As mentioned, I’m going to continue watching, will you? Let me know below!
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  1. This sounds dumb, if I watched it maybe it would be okay, but it sounds aimless, like crazy doomsday prep lady thinks the world can be saved from her theortical existential crisis that she vaguely relates to biblical symbolism, by seven teens who feel each other's pain, no yeah, I'm super exited to see this, I can't wait to see them lackadasically talk out their differences, I mean the only real threat is the crazy lady, and she wants everyone to get along, so it's either kill yourself to get out of this bullshit or play ball and see if you can't get her to take the stupid pain machine out of your hand. "Saw themed anime 11268 your order is ready." "Where's my dead kid at the start I always get as dead kid as the start." "Sorry sir, thst trop has been used too many times, ho we about some biblical symbolism." "Fine, I'm on a diet anyway."

  2. Really enjoyed this one, thank you! If you have the drive and intrest, seeing more of these "premature reactions" to different series would be amazing ^^

  3. I like it! Very good review. It could benefit from some video-clips. Even like 5-second clips can help convey the animation style.

  4. Really cool video, this has been on my CR queue for a while and it gave me the push to finally watch it, the show has an interesting plot idea so will defiantly keep watching, would be great to see your first impression of some of th other new season shows, particularly Re-Zero and Flying Witch

  5. Thanks Reina! Glad to see you giving the anime some screen time again. I have always enjoyed your pov on anime. Oh and yes way yes to Studio Trigger. A perfect blend of over the top and down to earth.

  6. I think the first episode wasn't particularly jaw dropping, or really intriguing which is disappointing. However, I will continue watching mainly because I think the animation style is gorgeous and Katsuhira is super interesting to me, but I'm a sucker for stoic boys so maybe I'm just biased. πŸ˜› The concept is interesting enough and I hope it goes somewhere cool. πŸ™‚

  7. I like it, I think the importance is that she is trying to make it so people can understand each other. Hopefully that understanding will lead to peace. One good way to understand each other is to use pain. Both instantaneous and emotional. I think the idea is to make the instantaneous a portal to the emotional. The fact that they have missions that seem to be more like them trying to get to know each other, also help along this theory. I think the second episode illustrates this point the most out of all 4 episodes so far. I personally think this anime is going to be slow though, not because it is not interesting but because it is not jaw dropping like you said, or at least not yet. Reminds me a bit too much of Sense8.

  8. if you want an anime that catches you right from episode one I'd suggest Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It's a very heart pumping anime with great animation and a great atmosphere. You know cause who doesn't like a steam punk zombie anime?

  9. I can't find the opening anywhere. I just find vids of the opening with take me in played over it, which was funny at first but got old real quick.

  10. first episode did not bring anything enticing me to watch the next one. me and my friend felt that from the first episode.

  11. one question. At the first scene where Agata ist a kid. His voice. Does someone know the name of the seiyuu? πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for the Review Reina. Just got a Crunchy roll subscription and am checking it out. Interesting series, I hope it goes somewhere. Keep up the Anime reviews

  13. I like Sonozaki. I see her as a mix between Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari and The princess of the crystal from Mawaru Penguindrum (unfortunately, she is not as cool as them).

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