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Spirit keeps pushing me to try. They wanted to me to sing this song and share it with the world..This song is about the bond between the masculines and feminines. Once we get past our egos and tap into our hearts. We will witness that gift of unconditional love that we have for one another. I hope to hear my version of this song at some twin flame weddings lol..Much love and light Twins!

Written by Lionel Richie


  1. This is too much. It's been a very emotional week for me. It's been three months since I have seen my Divine Masculine. Unfortunately, I'm subconsciously counting. I have a feeling he has been counting too. I cried two or three times this week and while listening to this song. Since our separation I have tried to remain positive.

  2. OMG Shomari you’re an inspiration such a beautiful gifted soul, thank you sooo much. Just wow I’m speechless your beautiful performance struck my heart strings that evoked a well of emotions sparking and igniting a waterfall of tears of joy that deeply touched and stirred every part of my heart and soul….Soul touching music created and performed from the heart is truly medicine and food for the soul, my greatest passion, just love it live it breath it…..You are truly gifted, you have such an amazing signature talent and presence that should be shared with the world. So please keep creating, keep sharing, shine, and spread your light out into the world and most of all keep loving what you’re doing, keep creating music inspired from your heart and soul!

    PS: When I heard your first performance I was so touched and thought mmmm think I will have to fly Shomari to Aus for my wedding lol just hope I’ll be able to afford ya lol…at tha rate you’re going you will be smashing it on Spotify, “Americas next emerging superstar” … So, think I best get cracking on my project so I can afford you lol…Wishing you and Sharon much love and light from my heart, M…

  3. Beautiful, Shomari. You know, I've always thought this song was cheesy. It never resonated. I like Lionel, but I've never been a fan of this song. Since you were singing it, though, I had to give a listen. I knew you'd sing it beautifully, but you infuse it with an energy that Lionel never could. Like your last recording, I felt this one too. Thank you. ♡

  4. So beautiful. You definitely have a DM voice, it's the richness of it. Your singing touched my heart deeply, in the way you were able to so beautifully reflect your love for your DF.

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