Laurel and Hardy in Liberty 1929

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Liberty is a 1929 short comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy as escaped convicts who, while trying to change pants, wind up on a skyscraper in construction

Stan and Ollie are prison escapees. In their haste to change into street clothes, they wind up wearing each other’s pants. A cop chases them to a construction site, where they escape by riding an elevator to the top floor of a unfinished building. Atop the girders, 20 stories in the air, they finally switch trousers, contend with a crab that has found its way into Ollie’s pants, and manage to nearly fall to their death a few dozen times.
En tenue de bagnard, Laurel et Hardy viennent de s’échapper de prison. Aidés par des complices qui leur donnent des vêtements civils, mais pourchassés par la police, dans leur précipitation, ils intervertissent leur pantalon. Il s’ensuit toute une série de gags dont un crabe qui tombe dans le pantalon de Laurel. Il finissent par arriver sur un chantier, réussissent à échanger enfin leur pantalon et se retrouvent sur des poutrelles d’un bâtiment en construction, en équilibre instable, avec le crabe toujours actif…


  1. To laugh out loud in 2017 at a silent film made in the 1920's, is demonstrative of these guys' enduring comic genius.

  2. @8:34: Did they really go out on those girders??? Not for all the tea in China!!! Not for all the $ £ ¥ € in secret Swiss accounts!!!

  3. looking down on the roads, its crazy to think how little cars are on the road, and also crazy to think that whoever is driving them cars will never know they are eternally captured on film ( well the cars are )

  4. I still say that Stan Laurel has the best comedy face ever. They were geniuses. And it's such a shame Oliver Hardy had such a sad end to his life.

  5. Having just seen this recently it never ceases to amaze me the risks people are preparing to take, with their lives. I don't suppose authenticity is worth as much as it seems. I could care less if they fall or not. It never did resonate anyway. Who cares…………..they weren't even funny neurologically enhanced if you ask me. Life is shit.

  6. been there my friend hang in there it will get better we all give in just don't give up I hope you see this but even if you don't
    I am sending positive thoughts your way…or something like that…taking liberty with my words for your sake

  7. チャップリンの「街の灯」のようにサイレントに音楽と効果音を加え少しの台詞を入れたものです。

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