Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)

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Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)


  1. One of the best songs of the best decade in the history of mankind. Disagree? May your lips meet my gluteous maximus.

  2. People have their opinions about what they call "One Hit Wonders". Not so relevant these days when when we can go to You Tube and look up what we want – the "charts" and "playlists" have no real meaning anymore. Then we have THIS song, by a girl I never head from before or after – in a video, wearing glasses, no sexuality, all in one outfit, in one take, and WHAT a song, and WHAT and artist, and hear we all are TWENTY years later, watching it, listening to it, LOVING it. My good friends, it does NOT get any better than this.  Where were you the year this came out and we  were ALL listening  to it.

  3. A girl I knew in high school in the 90s used to love this song…..she was the most popular girl in the school…i wished i was her so i would just stare at her….than years go and and i find out she died of cancer……so everytime i hear this song, i keep thinking…..i can't believe she died young of a rare cancer….and i pray all her kids recover….i'm so glad i get to write this note about her because I never uttered a word about her….there's no one i know that knows her… i dedicate thing song to her…she was the prettiest girl in the school….what an ending to her life. RIP

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