Luella’s Strange and Unexpected Day!

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This week Luella tells you about her most unexpected and strange day ever!! Watch to find out what happens…

Have a Tremendous Thursday, Bye!

Music By Kevin Macleod.

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  1. I time everyone was angry with me and I don't know why, I haven't even done anything to them shout out please

  2. The most strange or unexpected thing that has happened to me was when I was out shopping with my parents at Walmart my besties sister was at the jewelry department when I passed by getting pj bottoms for myself. Because since this was on Sunday my bestie wasn't there with her family because when she texted me later on when I got back from shopping she said this "My sister saw you at Walmart". Ps they are both twins

  3. Lol I love your funny video Luella! It is amazing and awesome too! Nothing strange or unexpected happened to me. I love Luella! Luella is amazing and awesome and beautiful and pretty too! Giant Thumbs Up go to Luella!

  4. Strange
    My earings disappeared in 1 place and I found them in another

    My sisters friends got pregnant at the same time

  5. No strange things has happen to me lately. Unexpected thing yes was getting caught in a downpour while I was walking especially when the weather man said there was no rain in sight

  6. I watched a YouTube video with more likes and dislikes than views

    But I think that happens to anyone who’s early for a YouTube video

  7. Something strange and unexpected that happened to me was today at school we were playing Ultimate Frisbee and I got hit on the head! Then I bumped into someone and they gave me a weird look cause they thought I did it on purpose

  8. Something strange and unexpected happened to me when I found out 36 euros had been added to my account.

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