Meet the Kids Going to Prison in South Carolina

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Jamali Maddix travels to South Carolina to meet kids about to enter a “correctional weekend” that simulates the experience of being in prison.

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  1. I live in the same city as the 3rd kid and this city is a suburb of Charlotte and there is a lot of kids who have it rough and have made mistakes, I try to help them as somebody who is the same way I try to show them that life can change and no matter how hard you have it if you put your focus on success you can and will get out of the struggle and be ok

  2. I kind of understand what the mother was doing, but did they have to intimidate the kid by putting him on youtube and tv, and letting all of the world know what he did wrong?

  3. damn i live in Sc and actually have seen someone who i THINK is the first guy walking into a daycare center. its weird, ik.

  4. These young men need to be completely broken down psychologically, so they can then be molded into soldiers capable of defending all across the globe the financial interests of the elitist New World Order. I have hope that they can still become robotic killers for the glorious cause of Socialism for the Rich.

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