Meghan McCain BRUTALLY SCHOOLS ‘View’ Clucks In BLISTERING Rant That Whoopi Nearly EXPLODED Again

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Amanda Prestigiacomo for the Daily Wire reports, On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Meghan McCain put on a clinic for her dim counterparts all too happy to embrace socialism.

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  1. WHAT I've learned from that show is that if the guest doesn't speak up (fast and nonstop) like McCain, there's no way they will let the conservative guest they want to grill speak!

  2. John McCain‘s daughter is more of a patriot then him. I remember 135 sailors boarding a ship that were unnecessarily killed with the stupid prank wer start of his jet

  3. Meghan McCain needs to learn you can't fix stupid
    And Whoopi cushion and Joyless fruit cake you can fix those idiots it's just what they are Beyond repair low IQ

  4. In Cuba everyone got paid the same. $15 a month. If you bought a car you could not get it until you paid for it and then it could take up to two years for you to receive the car. So it doesn't matter if you are a brain surgeon or a bum on the street you still got $15 a month. That's it

  5. Send Killjoy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg & Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to Venezuela on one way ticke to without toilet paper, food and medication also let them live in in the average Barco like average Venezuelan lives & where the murder rate is the highest in the world. I am certain they would love this utopian paradise where they would have the Bolivar at at near 1000%. Then let them eat cake and cop the same arrogant attitude.

  6. Did they seriously say "Everybody stop talking over each other." on the View?? HAHAHAHA, I have not seen one single episode; and even I know that's NOT how it works.

  7. Joy Bahr can't keep that gaping hole in the middle of her face shut long enough to allow someone else to finish a train of thought. All of the sudden, she's getting taught a lesson or two about how things really are in the world, in a condescending many starts raising her hand for a turn to babble on like the idiot that she is. If those countries she listed are so great, my suggestion to her is to resign her job, sell everything she owns in this country and pick one of them to move to. She could live where she thinks it's better than America and, se'd be doing us a favor too. We would have to be made aware of her idiotic statements on the stupidest program on television.Packyour bags Joy and, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Bye! Bye!

  8. The best way to illustrate Socialism to these Liberal clowns is to announce that effective immediately, and without further negotiation, each member of this show will all be receiving the exact same pay – that no one person shall make more than the other, and that they will receive no more than the average person needs, to get by.

    Next, take away their possessions and begin distributing them, equally, to members of the audience. That way no one has more than the other and no one has any less.

    Advise them that they must also surrender their Multi-Million Dollar homes, apartments, real estate holding, stock, and investment portfolios so that the proceeds can be equally distributed among/to those who "don't have".

    Democrats love Socialism … …until you remove the fruits of Capitalism from their lives.

  9. Joy named a bunch of primarily white nations, that are now widely under the control of Islam and Sharia Law. Yup, thats exactly what she wants for America

  10. The dems lose EVERY argument that's based on true facts. So they'll talk over you with false statements and call everything you say, a lie. Smart people aren't buying it. Dems are going down in the midterms and they know it. Poor Whoopie is going to lose her chance to own white slaves.

  11. 90% tax for Joy. Why would anybody go through a decade of grueling schooling to be a doctor and make the same as some burger flipper at burger king. Are they this fucking stupid…..yes! So Doctors all of a sudden lose there freedoms and become public slaves for minimum wage and sacrificing a decade of there life to do so. Get real!!

  12. Because it’s a witch covenant. Whoopi head to big. Socialism starts with capitalism. These countries pay high taxes it’s a form of communism. Yes McCain is on it

  13. You got to understand people.! People that are sitting in the audience all clapped when Whoopi went off on the judge.! Because they met a celebrity in person and they just want to show that they are Starstruck and that they want to be her friend. Whoopi could care less about the audience.! Most people clapped and really didn't agree but they did any how to be part of the clan.! Whoopi needs to be taken off the show I don't even understand why she still there I heard they got like a hundred thousand petitions. Hit the Road Jack. Don't you come back no more no more.! Hallelujah

  14. Okay I wrote my comment how I felt about Whoopi below.! Now what McCain said is true.! The ones that think we should be paying higher taxes. The government should automatically take that as a gift that they want to give and start taking higher taxes from them.! Give them what they want and leave the rest of us alone. Trump knows what we want we want to save and survive and pay our bills and our taxes that ain't going to make us poor. You lower the taxes and the public puts it right back into the country.! How hard is that to understand. Boyo Whoopi looks like she is scared especially when she said God bless you all you know she wanted to say shut the hell up.!

  15. Meghan just resigned her contract with ABC.I see big change coming like CONSERVATIVE! Sara got promoted the others? Hagged out ;

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