Michael Moore Calls For An ‘Army Of Satire’ Against Trump

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‘The Terms of My Surrender’ star Michael Moore says the best way to get under Trump’s skin is with an army of satire, and wants Stephen to enlist.

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  1. Michael moore im beating your ass.. just l8ke i did on a daily basis when you wre growing up.. you didnt learn.. so now im going to petsonally put you over my knee this also goes for every single libtard pussy ..you ate the bottom of tje gene pool and will be clubbed like a seal on sight

  2. The USA is very lucky to have a great man like Donald Trump as
    commandeering chief he is cleaver, he is a natural leader and he is a
    gentleman and will be in power for the next 10 years long live Donald

  3. Bunch of libtards that focus on the uneducated people in America. Your late night "comedy" is tasteless and utterly twisted.

  4. LMAO ! I am sure Russians the world over are laughing their ass off. At ignorant liberals claiming they outsmarted the entire liberal clown brigade. Including Obama and their girl Hillary! And are still doing it! Even with them claiming they knew all about it! LMAO ! But isn't that why Democrats love them? They are clearly not very bright and so easily fooled. There is no liberal bullshit they are tossed that they won't swallow. No matter how insane it may be! LMAO !

  5. I'm amazed, how propaganda works with minds even with such ppl as Moore. He could be more suspicious of 'facts', but instead he believes everything media says about the president. Media can make one man a hero or a true devil, everyone knows that. The establishment and press have a deal to make him a devil and blame in every problem in the country. I thought Moore was a wiser journalist.

  6. We CANNOT keep think thinking that voting is where our power is. Other countries remove their bad leaders by massing where they are & demanding they step down. We need to do that.

  7. Moore clearly has the right idea!..Observe Trumps reactions to satire about him!..He cannot stand it!..The psychotic narcissist in him simply bare it when it pokes fun at him! And the evidence of his 'twits' confirm this! He freaks out with rage and 'Twits' all the time that he wants them banned or shut down entirely! In particular, SNL. and Colbert doing impersonations of his voice and peculiar hand gestures!.And yes, if you look closely…He really does have little hands!

  8. remember remember the 8th of november, Trump's election and Hillary's plot. I know no reason, why Hillary's treason should ever be forgot.

  9. South Park says it's "impossible to satire", but i think they're just making excuses to ignore it so they can keep bitching about the new Star Wars movies

  10. This guy has a big mouth but doesnt give any of his money to anyone just makes more money about being anti establishment.

  11. Shouldn't have mental illness in military. If man or a woman thinks that they're something they're not, something isn't right in there head.

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