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Mocking SpongeBob Meme EXPLAINED

Mocking SpongeBob has been popping up everywhere, but what is it? How does it work? The combination of the alternating caps and the image of SpongeBob looking like a chicken add up to a butt-load of sarcastic disrespect.

Mocking SpongeBob Meme EXPLAINED



  1. My school does the mocking spongebob meme, but it says
    School board: art doesn't matter
    The students: aRt doES'nt mAtTer

  2. At least something good came out of the Episode 'Little Yellow Book", that Episode was Bad, but too Overhated.
    Everyone was reading SpongeBob's Diary, but only Squidward was blamed, like always.
    I always Hated the Bikini Bottomies or whatever they were called, they were huge Assholes in the Episodes 'The Sponge Who Could Fly' and "Stuck in the Wringer".

  3. Eric Trump: People who disagree with my dad aren't even people.

    Ivanka Trump: I disagree with my dad.

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