Most Hilarious Flirty Texts Messages Of All Time!

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Most Hilarious Flirty Texts Messages Of All Time!


  1. Hold on a board game some uno pizza and Mario kart I would say yes to that those others places cost money

  2. My favorite at 1:23
    So, I hear you like bad boys
    Well, I'm not trying to impress you or anything but my bedtime is 7:00, but I go to bed a 7:02
    WHAT NOW!!
    Idk, I just like living dangerously
    MARRY ME!!!!!
    Funniest text ever.

  3. Me when a boy asks me out over text who I don't love:
    Boy: hey u wanna go out for dinner
    Me: Sure
    Later at the dinner
    Me: thanx 4 this
    Boy: ur welcome
    Boy: I love you
    Me: I'm sorry I think I misshead
    Boy: I said I love you
    Me: sorry I'm high on sugar I've got to go home byeeèeee
    Boy: ok…

  4. The one with 2 types of ppl in the world is kinda offensive saying my grandmas best friend killed herself jumping off a building plus she was like my grandmother I’m not sure if anyone tried to make her stop

  5. The best way into a man's heart is making him a sandwich, but not just an ordinary sandwich, a sandwich that has BACON in it!


  6. "My love, if u are smiling send me your smiles. If u are sleeping send me your dreams. If u are crying send me your tears."
    "what if I'm on the toilet what do I send"
    Me" poop!?"

  7. My favorite was

    Boy:Do you ever smell that upsexy at the school or is it just me?

    Girl:Smell the what


    Girl: With. Is that

    Boy: What?

    Girl: What the hell is that.

    Boy: What are you asking me?

    Girl: What's upsexy?

    Boy: Nothing much, You? (;

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