Most Hilarious Misunderstandings

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  1. For security purposes, I’ll need you to verify your Billing PIN. This PIN is usually 4 or 5 letters or numbers and is what Customer Care will ask for to verify your account when you call in.

  2. I would tell here " um I ordered some shoes just like yours and I think they came to your door and your wearing them

  3. If my shoes were delivered to my neighbor's door instead of mine, i would complain my ass off at fedex

  4. I know some one if you put there two first letters of there name and two last letters of there name it spells coch

  5. I don't care about stupid Adidas are Yeezys because all that stuff is stupid why do you want expensive shoes you can't even use in the snow or literally literally don't want to use it anymore because it's so brand new you're just getting a brand new she was dirty so what the heck

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