Most Ironic Photos Ever!

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  1. There were actually 3 creators of apple one wanted someone sitting down with an apple falling on his head in grey the other wanted a colorful apple with a bite token out of it and the third wanted to confine now there is a grey apple with a bite token out of it and it is true because I read this in a science book.

  2. Diabetics need sugar, or they will put their life at risk. Multiple people in my family have diabetes

  3. I think it’s type one that when it’s not you fault and your under 16… I have it still can eat cake with it though

  4. Who else remembered Collins and wengies collab, when she said AMERICA, it’s like when Collins says
    “America, with the orangest of cheeses, haha!”

  5. 2:09 America is stealing all our fame again!!! Dang it America, go home! No one likes you! (Jk jk jk, no one hate me plz I'm just going off of stereotypes plz don't kill me I'm an innocent potato ._. )

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