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MERCH! For all you Halpert-Heads!

In a world where every movie ever has become a Broadway musical, all the biggest hits star… Halpert! Join national treasure & stage legend, Halpert Evans, as he performs some of the most iconic songs from his long and illustrious career. This week’s episode features Halpert as the T-800 from The Terminator: The Musical!

Al Fallick
as Halpert Evans

Clark Baxtresser
as Courtney

with special guest stars

Jaime Lyn Beatty
as Linda Toodleberg
Brian Holden
as Eric Edenbaum

“Find Sarah Connor”
Written by Clark Baxtresser,
Pierce Siebers & Al Fallick

Liam White

Produced by
Brian Holden, Nick Lang,
Clark Baxtresser, Pierce Siebers
& Al Fallick

Benji Dell

Nick Lang

Oliver Lukas

Kevin DeKimpe

Camera Operators/Swings
Patrick Ouziel
Yev Zhuk
Frances Kroon

Make Up Artist
Vanessa Moreno

Liana Montemayor

Production Assistants
Sara Beth Jiminez
Stacy Baker
Jordyn Gum

Special Thanks To
Lori Webster
& Everyone at the YouTube Space LA

MERCH! For all you Halpert-Heads!

Series created by
Al Fallick – @alfal99
Clark Baxtresser – @claark
Pierce Siebers – @piiirce
Brian Holden – @brian_holden, @brian.holden
Nick Lang – @nicklangtweets

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  1. Thank you Jason Robert Brown for combining three of my favorite things: Starkid, Terminator, and, obviously best of all, Halpert. Also, was anyone else getting some serious Happy Ending vibes from Twisted?

  2. 2029 sure if different than this place, everybody here has a weird flesh face.
    The sky is too blue, there's no skeletons on the floor. I guess I don't belong here in 1984.
    I graduated at the top of robot class, was it hard? Hell, it kicked my ass but they sent me back in time and said 'your the one to stop this devil woman and her demon son'.
    I'm gonna find Sarah Connor before she procreates, yes I'll find Sarah Connor cause I'm here to terminate.
    It's my first time on the road, first time on my own, first time killing humans, first time on a phone!
    And my first robot mission, I will see it through!
    Make sure Sarah Connor eats a bullet or two.

    I don't have to eat or sleep, I've never felt so free.
    I got a whole new feeling in my circuitry.
    This little t800 better stay on track but if I don't complete my mission then I'll be back!…
    To find Sarah Connor, no not those other two Sarah Connors I killed the other day.
    This time, I'll find the real Sarah Connor, I guess it's a common name!
    I may look like a man, but I'm machine inside.
    I got here cold and naked but I'm still alive!
    And maybe I can't save the world but I gotta try!
    I'm a real steel, can't feel robot guy.

    And maybe when I return to the future, a humanless world it shall be.
    No longer will I be such a loser, and robot girls will wanna talk to me.
    They'll have parades in my honour, cause I killed Sarah Connor.
    My family all think I'm a weirdo, they'll call me hero.
    (Hello! Is this Sarah Connor? Yes, this is a pizza delivery man wondering if you would like some pizza! Really?!? Ok just give me your address and I'll be there soon. Delicious pizza, coming your way!)

    I found Sarah Connor and I'm gonna deliver her fate.
    Yes, I found Sarah Connor and I'm gonna terminate.
    Yes I'm gonna terminate.(amazing last note).

  3. well this finally made me watch terminator and it was fucking awesome even though the terminator didn’t end up looking anything like halpert

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