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WARNING! This episode contains explicit content!

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MERCH! For all you Halpert-Heads!

In a world where every movie ever has become a Broadway musical, all the biggest hits star… Halpert! Join national treasure & stage legend, Halpert Evans, as he performs some of the most iconic songs from his long and illustrious career. This week Halpert turns up the heat with a little number from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey: The Musical’…

Al Fallick
as Halpert Evans

Clark Baxtresser
as Courtney

with special guest star

Mary Kate Wiles
as Judy Davendale

“The Contract”
Written by Clark Baxtresser,
Pierce Siebers & Al Fallick

Liam White

Produced by
Brian Holden, Nick Lang,
Clark Baxtresser, Pierce Siebers
& Al Fallick

Benji Dell

Nick Lang

Oliver Lukas

Kevin DeKimpe

Camera Operators/Swings
Patrick Ouziel
Yev Zhuk
Frances Kroon

Make Up Artist
Vanessa Moreno

Liana Montemayor

Production Assistants
Sara Beth Jiminez
Stacy Baker
Jordyn Gum

Special Thanks To
Lori Webster
& Everyone at the YouTube Space LA

MERCH! For all you Halpert-Heads!

Series created by
Al Fallick – @alfal99
Clark Baxtresser – @claark
Pierce Siebers – @piiirce
Brian Holden – @brian_holden, @brian.holden
Nick Lang – @nicklangtweets

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  1. Holy crap….this is my favorite so far!!! Al's so on top of the song I was dying. Also the lyrics and choreography…damn! I can't believe how much ya'll nailed this one.

  2. I love this new series! Recently bought 'Airport for Birds' from you guys and want to binge-buy everything on your site but… I'm a broke college student. These updates keep me from going broke from a Starkid website marathon. So thanks~

  3. Glad that we were warned by Courtney about the explicit content! My mum and 11 year old sister walked in just before I could watch it

  4. I realized a few lines in that this is based off of Speed Test from thoroughly modern Millie AND I FREAKED. WELL PLAYED STARKID. WELL PLAYED.

  5. Thank you Mark, Al and Pierce on writing this song, it should never have been made (much like the books) and yet it is an awesome catchy song.

  6. I keep feeling like there's going to be a big twist where Halbert has been imagining everything this whole time and he's actually been institutionalized the whole time

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