Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Multilevel marketing companies claim to be legitimate businesses, but some seem awfully…pyramid shaped. John Oliver and Jaime Camil demonstrate how they work.

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  1. It's simple. If you accumulate 10,000 unincumbered volume points, they are grouped into an unincumbered batch, which qualifies Benedict Cumberbatch for one unincumbered cucumber cummerbund.

  2. Honestly shocked Drew Brees endorses advocare. He seems like a genuinely great guy so I wouldn't expect him to do something that could hurt people.

  3. Wait if Joe Nobody's grave says 1955- with no death date then he's still alive. So he's just yelling at a tombstone on a pre-purchased grave site. Since Joe Nobody has enough money to buy that tombstone and reserve a grave space it seems like he's doing alright for himself.

  4. Do you know a pyramid scheme when you see one ? no ? Then send me £5 now and you get your £5 from someone else and so on .lol

  5. I think the thing for most is that a good amount of Mlm companies are running by good, honest people who use the market of mlm to their favor. It is normally the distributors who make wild claims and that is not regulated properly in the company. In John's case he showed the companies saying dumb things but that isn't the norm.

  6. Amazing video this is totally thru
    All those MLM are thefts,unfortunately they're involved the majority Spanish people.
    Thx so much for this spectacular video should be helpful.

  7. i wish someone would make a parody of this video. He has NO points…he has just made fun of different aspects of “MLM” companies…because he is a comedian after all and gets paid to do just that. Most people dont realize that we are all in a pyramid scheme…ur job is a pyramid scheme and an unfair one. but we never question that because we are programmed to get a good education and go to work for someone else. Amway is performance based which is y it is not a pyramid. U perform better u can outrun the person sponsoring u. Simple and fair. Can’t bog down Amway. This guy is an idiot andis just there to make things out of context and make ignorant people who havent done their research believe everything he is saying.

  8. Ah Jim johns. Back I'm the day when getting stuck in a crazy cult that sucked out your life savings and killed you, at least entailed having a creepy compound to stay in.

    Now all they do is suck out your money, and kick you to the curb

    Holy fuck… MLMs are the fucking sex workers of pyramid schemes

  9. The only think these companys do is teach self development I lost thousands and no longer participate in the industry but the self development opened my eyes in other areas of life. I now have a healthy brokerage account and will be buying my first rental. I don't recommend mlm to anyone as you can just read the books for the self development. But it can open your eyes to other ways of making money outside a job

  10. And your gonna goto the bank and your gonna goto burger king and your gonna goto the lake and then back to burger king and then your gonna go to the mall and then your gonna goto burger king and then ur gonna quit your job at burger king and then your gonna drive to the park and sit under a tree and then your gonna cry a little …

  11. It these products are so great why don’t they sell then thru retail outlets? Cause its a pyramid scheme masked as a multi level marketing system.


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  14. What happens if everyone gets the card? everyone gets rich? no one needs to work? its something like debt,she doenst really exist if noone pays it
    this system will only put stuff expensive and everyone will have to work anyway…
    With these scheme poors stay poor ,rich stay rich

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