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i just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it’s honestly a terrible video but thank you so much for watching!

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  1. thanks for the million views, my friends! (i am in fact not dead! i am doing something new… and it may or may not be related to zelda music, hehe)

  2. Man, Kenneth the Very Evil was such a push over compared to Greg, Lord of All Elements. Like, he didn't even have multiple phases and you can technically cheese him if you bring a certain npc (the one you get from beating the racing mini-game in under a minute) into the fight, and use their speed buff ability. he becomes even more of a pushover, because his chance to hit drops to less than 10 percent.

    That awful puzzle that i never want to play again was soooo difficult, i put the game down for a month. It legit fried my brain from two and a half hours straight.

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