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Hey guys King-Excalibur here and today I’ll be doing a bit of a XHypoistiX defense video and stating my opinion on MXNVD. I know in the video I’d say DV it’s actually VD so sorry for that. I also towards the end noticed I misspelled criticism it says “critcism” when it should say: “criticism”. But, anyway the drama got out of hand and words were exchanged between XHypoistiX and MXNVD and I’ve decided to defend XHypoistiX rather than bash him and give my take on things but anyway enjoy the video and the gameplay my kings and queens and have a good one as always everyone.
THIS is MY OPINION please DO NOT hate on XHypostiX or MXNVD. You might have heard one of XHypoistiX friends AidenProjects was defending his friend XHypoistiX like I am but recently AidenProjects and MXNVD are now cool with each other however as for XHypoistiX & MXNVD i don’t know as of now the state of which they’re interaction or feelings are of one another but as far as I know between XHypoistiX and MXNVD they appear to absolutely not like each other.
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  1. I am aware after the fact I uploaded the video at the end I misspelled criticism it reads “critcism” when it should say “criticism”. Sorry for that my kings and queens. It’s a clear typo. Second I say: “MXNDV” when it’s “MXNVD”.

  2. Why is he being so slanderous towards others
    Why is he egocentric.
    Me myself
    I don't. Talk to hypo that much
    But he really likes to ruthless towards him
    And small channels talking about him

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