MY HERO MAGADEMIA Is Fun, Funny Well-Drawn Political Satire Like Mad Magazine Used To Do

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  1. It's coming, guys, it's coming. Zack is actually a manga fan in the making and when he's gonna read his first manga, nothing will ever be the same.

  2. Why are you making the Stretch-Goal explanation so complicated? … It's just an incentive to get more people to pledge in the promise of a product of higher quality and additional free content, by hitting a milestone in the amount of money pledged. Really simple.

  3. You should read One Punch Man. I know you don't like manga, but trust me. It's basically a big black and white marvel book.

  4. It isn't Trump as a Manga Superhero… It is Trump as a Manga Version of an American Hero… That's kinda' the point of All-Might, he is the all-around super-good hero… He even has all his special attacks named after cities in the United States (mostly Texas, actually)…
    All-Might is just ~short~ of a Parody character, he's more a loving pastiche of american super heroes in general (note: The guy who wrote MHA grew up reading american comics)… It is a Manga impression of Western comics, largely. >.> Only with being a SuperHero is like a Job, straight-up and people know who you are, since you get paid by the government. It is good, heh.

  5. They had better art for the Jawbreakers in this than the actual Jawbreakers comic! (Sorry, I have to get my Jawbreakers roasts in while I can, the new stuff isn't going to give me many opportunities)

    Also, holy hell, they put the Jawbreakers in this! I'M BUYING IT. And I identify as a Dank Libtard, not a Normie Liberal.

  6. I watched all of season 1 of my hero Academia on sure the"manga" is great but there's really no need to read it if you can watch the show.It was pretty good, but what sucks is season 2 is not in English so yeah.

  7. Pretty funny, I loved Mad magazine as a kid. Ben Dunn's Antarctic Press stuff is great. Nina High School was very much this kind of humor too.

  8. That book looks hilarious, I gotta pick it up. D&C did you ever pick up that "Liberality For All" book like 10 years ago, I think it was parody, both political and manga, but I'm kicking myself for not getting that one where I think Sean Hannity was the hero or something?

  9. I believe the “gentleman” with the pink hat is a jab at the infamous Mockingbird cover, which had a girl with a shirt that said “Ask me about my feminist agenda”.

  10. Expectations play a big part. You just have to look at the cover of My Hero Magademia and realize it's an over the top satire. It's obvious that they aren't taking themselves too seriously. Anyone can have fun with it. People know what they are getting themselves into. When it comes to Marvel people expect fun Super Hero stories with lots of drama, not a bunch of hamfisted progressive politics, or LoL so random humor.

  11. I fucking hate trump and I enjoyed it, it’s nice to see actual wit and humor on the right wing side of this autistic spectrum we call identity politics.

  12. OMFG, the nuke logos on "Hirary's" pantsuit buttons! I'm dying!

    The Luchadors are giants in the wall crossing panel – that's why the panel references Attack on Titan.

    Covfefe mug has two or three scoops of ice cream.

    The guys who made this didn't miss any little details.

    I assumed the "kid" was Mike Pence. Edit: Yep, the kid's name is "Maiku." Pence confirmed.

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