My Response to Content Cop (Diss Track)

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  1. …..what does idubbbz's first video have to do with anything

    Also, the 10 minute thing with PewDiePie is a joke he has with his viewers because he often gets demonetized, and many of the examples you showed was him being ironic

  2. i came here to see him react to the diss track not trying to defend himself (notice how i said TRYING to defend himself)

  3. Dude you got slaughtered by Content cop, find humility from his video and use it to better yourself and your future videos! (Still love you and Faze and Violet!!!!!!!!!)

  4. "Okay, fine, I'll stop flexing everything I have on you guys"

    *Entire preview of music video is about how rich he is*

  5. wow what fucking little bitch, i mean he so much of an enomous pussy that he couldn't even react to his diss track.

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